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~ In Home Dog Behaviorist


 NY Clever K9 Services Dog Behaviorist

Dog Behaviorist

Seeking a Proven, Acclaimed Dog Behaviorist?
Look No Further.

For 20 years I have specialized and become a recognized expert in preventing dogs from being given up due to behavior problems that CAN be effectively treated, keeping dogs safe and happy together with their owners for life! Together using my proven Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System we can release you and your dog from the prison of a behavior problem(s) no matter how severe, complex, if multiple problems and regardless of how many methods you have tried previously, while attaining the ultimate level of communication, love and harmony between you and your dog.

Every Dog Behavior Problem Effectively Treated (see verified reviews and media) including multiple:

  • Aggression. All forms of aggression resolved including leash aggression  resource guarding, inter-dog aggression, touch aggression, territorial aggression, stranger aggression, and protective aggression.

  • Fear/Anxiety. All forms, reach out to me if your dog is exhibiting any signs of fear or anxiety including separation anxiety, fear of people, fear on walks, fear of noises or sights, touch anxiety, fear of car rides, vet, or anxiety caused by changes such as moving, new baby to home, divorces, or similar transitions. 

  • Fear Aggression. This focuses on effective treatment of all behavior problems that result in the combination of both fearful and aggressive dog behavior. 

  • Rehabilitation. I rehabilitate all dogs with histories of abuse, neglect, and severely impoverished backgrounds such as puppy mill dogs. 


I fully realize you and your dog are suffering as well as potentially being faced with serious real life consequences that can be desperate. But there is hope regardless of prior failures. From 20 years experience, I can help with real life repercussions that are further pressuring you and understanding the urgency of resolving behavior problems, I treat every case as quickly as possible. Contact me today to get the real help you and your dog truly deserve.

 Entirely Specialized, In and Out Home Real Life Tailored Treatment

  • I believe it is vital to provide the best possible quality care of your dog and most effective, permanent treatment as quickly as possible.

  • Therefore, essentially, all behavior problems are evaluated and treated in your dog’s real life environment in your home and on your walks from your own home/apt. building and neighborhood (which varies widely between clients), where they are actually created and happening, and not within an artificial re-creation in a facility which can dramatically alter a dog’s natural, actual behavior.

  • To do so, I travel to your particular location and take on the travel time, cost and effort - at no additional charge to you.

  • 100% focus and attention is given to your dog alone.

  • Due to its crucial nature, all behavior problem treatment is done exclusively with Christina, not a lesser accomplished employee


Completely Comprehensive Behavioral Evaluation

To begin treatment, I evaluate your dog in and out of your home where the problems are actually occurring to clearly determine all behavior issues, causes, intensity level of your dog’s reactions, all triggers of the problem behavior and trigger distances/ranges to specifically tailor my treatment program to your dog, yourself and your specific environment. Additionally, prior to meeting and as part of my evaluation I have you complete my extensive detailed questionnaire regarding your dog’s behavior, as well as ask you to provide a history of your dog, both of which I analyze prior to our in person meeting. Your dog’s evaluation also includes immediate techniques to begin treating the behavior problem(s), ways to reduce your dog’s reactivity level, the best setup of your home to counteracting the stress of a behavior problems by creating a calming, enriching, confidence boosting environment, you are taught Dog Speak or how to effectively read, understand and predict your dog’s behavior and very extensive instructional handouts are given including my behavior modification handbook.

Individually Customized Behavior Program for your Dog

After this extensive diagnostic assessment, a treatment program is tailored to your dog’s specific problem or multiple problems, to work effectively in your specific living environment and taking into account your lifestyle. I work with your dog directly but you participate in order to ensure your successfully handling of your dog when we are finished, as well as to speed the treatment process by providing you with specific homework to work on in between sessions.

My acclaimed Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System is designed to treat behavior problems successfully and as rapidly as possible. It is critical to provide you and your dog with relief as quickly as possible from the behavior problem(s), which tend to completely overwhelm your relationship, your life and also often have very serious real life consequences such as eviction threats, dangerous situations and the potential for giving up your dog. The number of sessions depends upon the behavior problem, whether single or multiple problems, intensity level, trigger number and frequency, beginning existing relationship between dog and client and especially client complying with every aspect of the program and practicing between sessions.

Coverage area includes most of NYC, Brooklyn, Queens. Contact me with a detailed description of the problems you are experiencing

~ Zoom In Visual Sessions with Christina

National and International Quoted Dog Expert Christina's "All Dog" Solutions
Tailored to Your Dog 
What do you need help with?

As an in demand Dog Behaviorist, Dog Trainer and Dog Expert Nationally and Internationally Christina offers Expert Solutions to solve a very wide range of dog issues as evidenced by being quoted, demonstrating, writing and advising across all media platforms -TV, Radio, Podcasts, Author and Quoted Press on more than 65 dog topics. These range from: preventing and treating behavior problems including separation anxiety, best dog training techniques, eliminating pushy, hyper and destructive behavior, best ways to happily prepare your dog for a new baby, rehabilitating dogs including puppy mill dogs, creating dog and cat BFF's, perfect puppy, how to smoothly acclimate dogs to new situations - riding in cars, moves, soothing grooming and much more! Many Zoom eligible!

 Zoom Into Your Dog Visual Sessions!
Get her world class advice tailored to your dog!
Exclusively with Christina

As an acclaimed Dog Expert, with her keen innovative insights and encyclopedic knowledge, Christina is in demand in all media across an extensive range of dog topics - from dog behavior problems and solutions such as turning grooming into a bonding, not painful, experience; separation anxiety prevention, proper dog handling to prevent fear, fear/aggression in your dog, best dog training techniques and obedience solutions, dog health -  summer and winter tips, weight and exercise, acclimating to car rides and much more! 

Go to Zoom Services. Direct, customized solutions from Dog Behavior Expert Christina Shusterich tailored to your own dog in your specific environment where they are created and occurring.

*Not appropriate for Zoom virtual sessions: Treatment of behavior problems –  aggression, fear or fear aggression (rehabilitation procedures for dogs recently acquired as in my "Welcome Home! Rescue Dog Acclimation Session" can be covered by zoom)  Contact me directly for treatment of behavior problems and if you are uncertain if your issues are appropriate for Zoom sessions or need in person**

~"All Dog" Expert Solutions
~ Effective, Enduring, Positive Dog Training

Behavioral Obedience Dog Training
Expert, Effective and Enduring Positive Dog Training

Sienna NY Clever K9 Dog Training

As an Acclaimed Dog Trainer - Named an rare APDT Top Trainer, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers the largest and most respected dog training association worldwide, voted Best Behaviorist and Dog Training over 5 years, and more (see Awards) all Obedience Training is based on the proven science of behavior modification with active learning on your dog’s part and we create a closer relationship between you and your dog by achieving effective communication with verbal commands and hand signals – physical coercion and punishers such as e-collars are never used.


The Basic Obedience Package provides every essential command and is tailored to your dog. Training takes place within the home where the behaviors are to be learned or eliminated with the proper set up of your home included.  Training also takes place outside of the home as part of your daily life (e.g. walking, eliminating, playing etc.).

In Home Expert Private Obedience Training Tailored to Your Dog and Your Environment  – The Most Encompassing Training Program Available
at reasonable rates:


Basic Obedience Training Package: All Dogs, puppies over 12 weeks:

  • 7 essential commands tailored to your dog can include sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking next to handler, attention, release

  • Housetraining including Christina’s 10 page Guide

  • Eliminating jumping, excessive mouthing and destructiveness

  • Fun ways to easily and consistently exercise your dog in your home, meeting your dog’s need for aerobic exercise and preventing hyperactivity, list of Best Toys

  • Optimal set up your home for meeting your dog’s needs as a dog, preventing boredom  and fostering your dog’s mental and physical peak condition

  • For puppies, meeting critical periods of development, including critical socialization times

  • Extensive instructional handouts including my Behavior Modification Handbook included as well as written homework for practice between sessions

Free Bonus!

As a Dog Behavior Expert, I have included in the Basic Obedience Program additional Behavioral handouts as valuable tools to:


  • Prevent behavior problems from developing

  • How to read your dog’s body language - “speak dog” to enable you to correctly read, understand and predict your dogs behavior

  • How to understand identify signs of stress in your dog

  • Proper Dog Handling Techniques

Basic Obedience Package consists of 4- 70 min sessions (1 hr 10 min), $655, representing a discount of $85 over individual sessions.

Fee per individual Basic Obedience Session – $185


Perfect Puppy Session, in home- 1 hr 30 min $270: For puppies under 12 weeks:  Includes: Critical time periods of development including Socialization and how to best meet them, mental & physical requirements of your puppy and fun ways to satisfy them housetraining, best home set up for you and your puppy, ways to prevent behavior problems from developing, redirecting puppy chewing/biting/mouthing so as to not be a human toy, eliminating destructiveness, whining/crying/barking behaviors for attention, best toys to occupy, channel energy and aid in your puppy’s development. Handouts included: Housetraining Guide, Critical Socialization Periods, Puppy Training Guide, Proper Handling, Best puppy toys and where to find them. Zoom Eligible! 

Help! Housetraining Session, in home- 1 hr $185: Critical best home set up for you and your puppy or adult dog, detailed instructions covering every aspect of effective housetraining including how to eliminate on command, the times puppies to adult dogs need to eliminate, how to begin or transition out of wee wee pads, how to eliminate only outside, 10 page guide included.
Zoom Eligible!

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