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This Morning with Alex Jensen Seoul, South Korea

Christina Seoul South Korean radio broadcast during 2018 Olympics to provide easy dog training tips and walking handling to keep dogs in their homes and further encourage ownership of dogs- which does exist - against dogs being used as a food.

This Morning With Alex Jensen.mp3Christina Shusterich
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Christina was the Spokesperson for
NYC Pet Fitness and Nutrition Campaign


Christina was the Spokesperson for NYC Pet Fitness and Nutrition Campaign of April 2009 which included a Live Radio Interview on the “Frank Truatt Morning Show”.

Frank Truatt Morning Show.mp3Christina Shusterich
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Stranger Aggressive Dogs Podcast by
Christina Shusterich for Dog Trainers Connection

The Dog Trainers Connection showcases creative, innovative and expert dog professionals who bring the best information available on dog training to both those in the business and to the pet owning public.  Christina Shusterich provided a podcast on safely treating Stranger Aggression in dogs: Christina Shusterich Podcast Dog Stranger Aggression

“My guest is Dog Behavior Expert Christina Shusterich, a successful New York City dog expert who specializes in difficult behavior cases. Christina talked to me about her work with Stranger Aggression and why owners unknowingly in their denial can put trainers seriously at risk. Christina shares details of many aspects of how she works her cases and some surprises that have happened to her along the way!”

DTC_Interview_Stranger_Agression.mp3Christina Shusterich
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Christina appeared on Sirius XM Radio Stars “Just Jenny” show

Christina Shusterich appeared on Sirius XM Radio Stars “Just Jenny” show as a
Dog Behavior Expert answering viewers questions about dog behavior and dog training.

Jenny Hutt‏ Twitter: 15 Sep 2017: You did great!

Jenny Hutt Retweeted Christina Shusterich:
Christina Shusterich @nycleverk9 #ChristinaShusterich had a great time answering listeners questions about #dog behavior on #JustJenny @jennyhutt @nycleverk9 #dogs #puppy

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