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Multiple Behavior Problems

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Multiple Behavior Problems
Dakota -Pitbull NY Clever K9 review separation aniety, fear on walks

"Christina is just wonderful"

Dakota - Pitbull mix
Separation Anxiety, Acclimation Anxiety
Can see Christina’s multiple published articles and videos about how to both prevent and treat separation anxiety in dogs of all ages, breeds and circumstances in the Media Library

After moving to nyc my dog Dakota became terrified of being left alone, even if I was just throwing out the garbage. It was horrible and heartbreaking  - she would be in a panic shaking and crying even if I was gone just a couple of minutes. Worse, when I left for work she would go to the bathroom though at 5 she was totally housebroken, left scratches on the door and I found out by getting 2 complaints from neighbors and a warning from my new landlord that she also howled for hours. I was panicked myself as I couldn't afford to move and had no idea how I was going to manage with her. I was under an extreme amount of pressure, was a hostage in my own apartment and on the verge of eviction.  Thank god a friend found Christina! From the first meeting she came up with a solution to calm my neighbors and landlord, calm Dakota (and me!) and a program to treat her separation anxiety. It took some time but I am actually able to leave her alone now happily playing with her puzzle toys and without me feeling guilty! We are so much happier and I honestly don't know what we would have done without Christina - there is help for separation anxiety! Dakota & I couldn't recommend her more. ~ Gary Richardson 

"Spent a lot of time researching trainers and
schools, highly recommend Christina!"

Juniper - Pomeranian
Fear aggression to touch, leash aggression,
anxiety/rehabilitation, fear of noises/tight spots

Juniper - Pomeranian (2)_edited.jpg

"I spent a lot of time researching dog trainers and training schools in New York before choosing Christina, and I know I made the right choice. My newly adopted rescue dog Juniper was having trouble adjusting to the city. He was extremely leash-aggressive--he barked and lunged at other dogs, garbage trucks, and any other loud sounds. Additionally, we had an issue with my neighbor across the hall, whose dog had attacked Juniper soon after we arrived. Just trying to get Juniper out the door for a walk was difficult, as the smell of the other dog made him snarl, bark, growl as we tried to walk past it. Worst of all, Juniper's anxiety, along with possible issues from his past, meant that he was often lashing out at me, snapping and growling if I approached him the wrong way.

Today we went for a 90 minute walk in Central Park. Since it was warm and sunny for February, the park was crowded with people, bikes and dogs. Juniper did not bark or lunge once the entire time, and even was able to interact a few times with other dogs. Narrow pathways where we couldn't avoid some dogs weren't a problem, because now, thanks to Christina, I have a plan to help deal with Juniper's anxiety around other dogs in tight spaces. He is no longer nervous about being touched, so we stopped to have some cuddle breaks. A woman passing by called Juniper a "good little dog."

Christina taught me how to understand Juniper's body language, how to deal with difficult situations around other dogs, and even how to make my apartment a place where he can feel safer and more secure. We worked out a method that allows us to walk quietly past my neighbor's apartment without setting off her dog. I really appreciate Christina's time and patience with both Juniper and me. It wasn't always easy, but I feel like we are on a path towards success, and that life will get better and better for Juniper. I highly recommend working with Christina!" ~ Kirsten Anderson

Serengeti - Pitbull Mix, Fear on Walks.j

"Christina saved our dog's life!"

Serengeti - Pit Bull Mix
Leash Aggression, Fear on Walks

Watch before & after video in Media Library

"Christina Shusterich saved our dog’s life.  We rescued a 70 pound pit mix with massive behavior issues including biting, lunging randomly, pulling on walks and leash aggression.  The leash aggression was so bad that we could spend 10 minutes trying to wrest the leash from his mouth, and would frequently get bitten in the process. Expecting a baby in months, we gave him only a few months to shape up or ship out. Christina was not our first trainer or behaviorist.  We started with Petco (nice people but not prepared for our dog), then a team who put him on the eCollar, and another behaviorist from Upstate. All had helped a little but he was still unpredictable and unmanageable.  I can’t say that the results when we met Christina were instant (although she could instantly handle him!)  But when he and I put into practice the completely manageable lessons that Christina taught us he has transformed from a dog who pulls and bites to a dog capable of walking with me, paying attention and not flipping out on every walk.  Her calming techniques and insights into our dog’s actions were remarkable and effective.  Now, one year and lots of practice later, we completely trust our dog around our newborn. If your dog seems hopeless, there is no Cesar Milan out there – that’s TV magic.  Christina is clearly the path to success and is worth her (somewhat expensive) fee." ~ Richard Altman

"LOVE HER! Peanut now shows ZERO food aggression"
Peanut - Beagle 
 Resource Guarding, Food Aggression, Obedience 

NY Clever K9 Review Peanut - Beagle, ResolvedResource Guarding.jpg

"LOVE HER! We thought training would be easy but soon learned we had our hands full with Peanut. Our 4 month old puppy had tons of energy and showed signs of food aggression.  We researched a dog trainer/behaviorist and came across Christina Shusterich.Everything we read was A+ so we called and set up an appointment. We were not disappointed. Peanut took to her immediately, and with her friendly demeanor, we did as well. Using her techniques, Peanut quickly learned commands and now shows ZERO food aggression. I recommend Christina’s training for anyone who needs to train their dog.” ~ Arleen, Norbert Velazquez,Queens, NY

Flurry - American Eskimo, Stranger Aggre

“Christina was able to resolve her longstanding fear aggression to people, something that other behaviorists I’ve seen have not been able to do. The transformation in Flurry has been amazing!"

Flurry - American Eskimo
Stranger Aggression, Fear Aggression, Rehabilitation

“Christina is the best dog trainer I’ve worked with. She uses only positive reinforcement and helped me train my dog to snap out of her longstanding fear aggression to people, something that other behaviorists I’ve seen have not been able to do. We were severely limited in where we could take Flurry and even avoided having guests over due to her constant barking, following and jumping at them. The transformation in Flurry has been amazing, we recently were able to take her to an indoor barbecue full of people all strangers to her. Not only did she not bark at any of the guests (even when they stood up and walked around!) she was really friendly and even bonded with one guest in particular.We’re thrilled to say that she’s becoming quite the socialite!” ~ Suzanne Flannery, Queens, NY

“Christina’s brilliant insights and upbeat
attitude, can’t recommend enough.”

Audrey - Pit Bull
Rehabilitation, Leash Aggression, Anxiety


​"Not a day goes by when my husband, pup and I don’t appreciate all the incredible things learned from Christina. We adopted an incredibly sweet, yet reactive and abused dog about a year ago from the Animal Care and Control Center in nyc.  She is incredibly strong, and we felt like we were walking out in public with an animal we weren’t sure we could safely control, yet we cared so much for her and were committed to her. Christina to the rescue. Her intelligence, sense of humor, up-beat attitude and brilliant insights helped us understand our dog and provide her with what she needs to be happy and healthy and safe. Christina also clearly cares about our dog.  What a gift to those of us in this challenging situation.  I can’t recommend her enough." ~ Laura Bontrager

Moxie - Chihuahua Min Pin, Anxiety .jpg

"I had a lot of fear based aggression issues. Christina translated my behavior and taught my family how to handle my needs in a very loving and gentle way and that any behavioral issue can be resolved with a firm but compassionate hand.
Christina is a dog’s best friend. Two paws up!”

Moxie - Chihuahua/Min Pin
Fear on Walks, Anxiety, Fear Aggression to Owner, Strangers and Touch, Leash Aggression, Rehabilitation

“My name is Moxie. I am a Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher mix. That’s a lot of doggy personality for someone my size. I was recently adopted by two amazing women and their adorable young boys (ages 8 and 10). I am very fortunate to live in a very loving home, but sometimes my family thinks of me more as a toy and not a dog. I know I’m cute, but there’s a limit to how much I can take. You see, given my size and my background (rescued from Animal Care and Control), I have lots of fear based aggression. It wasn’t until Christina came into our lives that anyone understood my feelings. Christina helped translate my behavior. Christina came in and taught my family how to handle my needs in a very loving and gentle way. Her methods not only showed my humans how to treat me but also reassured them that any behavioral issues could be easily corrected with a firm but compassionate hand, repetition, rewards and, of course, patience. Would you believe I used to bark incessantly when our next door neighbor came home from work? Now, I barely raise an eyebrow when he comes home. I‘m so much calmer when we go for walks now. I was a nervous wreck out there with all the sights and sounds of the city coming at me. Christina showed my humans how to manage my walks and navigate the sidewalks. It’s not easy being me but with Christina on my side, it’s so much better than it was. Some would say the dog is man’s best friend, but I would say, Christina is the dog’s best friend. Two paws up for Christina!”

~ Moxie Mintz Killmer – with input from Rachel and Jenni (my humans), NYC

“Christina’s skill set includes intellect and instinct,
she is also kind, caring and understanding.
Have a happier, friendlier much more peaceful dog!”

Mookie - Pekingese/Poodle
Fear Aggression, Protective Aggression


"Christina is a hero! While Christina’s skill set certainly includes intellect and instinct, she is also kind, caring and understanding.  She came into our family home, where we were having the most difficulty with my pekingese – poodle mix, Mookie and started treatment immediately. She was able to quickly diagnose Mookie’s fear-aggressive behavior and formulated a plan for us to relearn and move forward.  She even brought another one of her clients into our house so that we could trigger Mookie’s fear of strangers. This client came for several weeks until Mookie was eating out of her hand! We have been so lucky to have Christina as our teacher and truly have a happier, friendlier, more more peaceful dog because of her dedication to us. If you are serious about doing your homework and helping your dog interact with your family, Christina is the one." ~ Caitlin Tartaro, Queens, NY

Larry - Leavitt Bulldog, Fear on Walks.j

"We are still amazed, thrilled and very
grateful to Christina!"

Larry - Leavitt Bulldog
Fear on Walks, Leash Aggression, Anxiety

"After 51 years of marriage, 2 children, and 7 dogs, we adopted a 3 month old Leavitt Bulldog. Although loving and lovable, Larry soon showed very unpredictable behavior and difficulty interacting with other dogs. We kept him at home and avoided public places. Several months later, Larry was a strong athletic dog but unpredictable, lunging at other dogs and working himself into a frenzy when outside, making walks frightening and leaving us all feeling overwhelmed. Then we found Christina.  After a hands on evaluation of Larry, she quickly understood the behavioral problems and began educating and training us as well as Larry. Under Christina’s tutelage, Larry’s transformation to a fun companion was rapid, straightforward, and reliable. Walking him very quickly became a pleasure instead of something to dread each day. We are still amazed and thrilled and very grateful to her for her expertise and her palpable love for her students. I would just like others to know how our lives have been changed by her expertise and caring. Another huge “thank you” to Christina!" ~ Joan Stasior, NYC


Rosie - Pit Bull
Leash Aggression, Dog Aggression, Rehabilitation


"AMAZING! Rosie, our rescue pit bull, is a changed dog thanks to Christina Shusterich. In August we adopted Rosie, who was estimated to be 2 1/2 years old. Soon we observed she was severely dog aggressive. Could dog aggression be treated, were pit bulls really dangerous and was she safe to keep, especially with our 17 month old son? We scoured the NYC area for a reputable and very experienced dog behaviorist until we came across Christina..and thank goodness we did! Rosie went from a dog that lurched, lunged and barked at every passing dog (to the extent that we had to walk around cars to avoid dogs on sidewalks)to a dog that could pass a pack of dogs barely noticing. Christina is an incredible behaviorist and completely rehabilitated her by teaching us, Rosie’s owners, how to use positive, reward based training (in carefully planned out stages) to change Rosie’s psychology of other dogs. It was amazing and not something my husband or I thought possible. We also can’t thank Christina enough for educating us on how misunderstood pit bulls are and showing us how wonderful they can be. Rosie is an amazing, affectionate, beautiful dog.”

~ Vail Weymann, NYC

Georgie - Maltese, Resource Guarding.jpg

“Severely bit my wife, Christina's work has been transformative, completely positive change!”

Georgie - Maltese
Resource Guarding, Aggression, Rehabilitation

“My wife and I adopted our beloved Maltese, Georgie, who soon began exhibiting some small signs of aggression. It escalated one morning to the point where Georgie growled at and severely bit my wife in the hand. The bite was bad enough to warrant a hospital visit and some serious re-thinking about Georgie’s place in our household. Our options were limited: either find a new home for this adorable little dog, or find out what the problem was and address it thoroughly and quickly. Christina’s work with Georgie has been transformative for both him and us. She was able to teach us where the aggression was stemming from – resource guarding – and develop a comprehensive course of corrective actions. After behavioral modification we have noticed a completely positive change in Georgie; he shows very little sign of the aggression that greatly worried us and has become a more loving and docile animal. Equally as important – we have learned much about ourselves and how to handle many different types of behavioral issues. None of this would have been achieved without Christina Shusterich’s help and guidance. We highly recommend her services. With much appreciation.” ~ Jamie, John & Georgie Devall, Queens NY

“Without Christina’s help we wouldn’t be able to keep Fergus much longer without something terrible happening. We are forever grateful to Christina for helping our family and Fergus become the loving dog we always knew he could be, his aggression issues have virtually ceased to exist and today Fergus is a happy, well adjusted dog!"

Fergus - Catahoula Mix
Leash Aggression, Dog Aggression, Stranger Aggression

Fergus - Catahoola mix.JPG

“We highly recommend Christina Shusterich!  From the very first meeting, she came into our home and pointed out things that were stressful to our beloved dog Fergus, and when we made those changes he became a completely different dog.  He loved to see Christina every time she visited and was very receptive to her positive direction. Before Christina, we were afraid to walk Fergus because of his unpredictable aggression toward other dogs and some humans.  Christina is very intuitive when it comes to aggression issues, and with her positive training techniques his behavior immediately changed. We were very drawn to Christina because of her vast knowledge of Animal Behavior which we feel made such a difference with Fergus. Without Christina’s help we wouldn’t be able to keep Fergus in the environment he was in much longer without something terrible happening. Today, we are now confidently taking Fergus for walks and are forever grateful to Christina for helping our family and for helping Fergus become the loving dog we always knew he could be.  His aggression issues have virtually ceased to exist and today Fergus is a happy, well adjusted dog who “plays well with others”. ~ Alan, Heather, Rubin & Fergus Doorly, Queens, NY

Cappy-Bichon Frise, Anxiety.jpg

"I never saw anyone work so dramatically,
so effectively, so fast."

Cappy - Bichon Frise
Fear Aggression, Touch Aggression, Rehabilitation, 
Fear of Strangers, Stimuli and People Fear due to years prior isolation

"Christina Shusterich is an amazing behaviorist. The welcome home rescue dog session Christina had with our new dog Cappy was way beyond our expectations. I have worked with a number of trainers over the years but never saw anyone work so dramatically, so effectively, so fast. We have been seeing amazing changes in Cappy ever since she left yesterday — he is less fearful, more confident, more engaged, more animated… happier! She was able to keep Cappy from exhibiting any of the aggressive signs of fear of strangers that we began seeing in him..We think Christina is a terrific find." ~ Zoe Stolbun, NYC

" I was really impressed by Christina’s understanding of dogs as well as owners. We really enjoyed working with her and how fast she could get them to learn, she showed us our guys have far greater potential than we thought possible. Thank you Christina, you have made a big difference in making our lives more rewarding!"

Sky & Fen - Silky Terriers
Dog Aggression, Dominance Aggression,
Touch Aggression, Aggression to Owner

Sky and Fen - Silky Terriers, Dominance

“Christina really helped us with our dogs. The older dog Sky was becoming increasingly more aggressive towards our younger dog Fen as well as towards myself. Christina showed us a way to incorporate training techniques into our everyday lives that worked for all of us. I was really impressed by Christina’s understanding of dogs as well as owners. We really enjoyed working with her and appreciate all she has done to help us better understand Sky and Fen so we can all live together in harmony. It was a true learning experience to see her work and how fast she could get them to learn, she showed us our guys have far greater potential than we thought possible. Thank you Christina you have made a big difference in making our lives more rewarding!” ~ Joel Lasher, NYC

Teddy - Labrador Retriever, Fear Aggress

“Christina Shusterich changed our world.
We are able to keep our dog Teddy!”
Teddy - Labrador Retriever Mix
 Fear on Walks, Fear Aggression on Walks to People and Dogs

“ It is because of her that my husband and I were able to keep our black lab mix Teddy. Teddy was terrified to be on leash in the city and was nearly impossible to control – it took all of my strength to avoid being dragged down the streets of Brooklyn. Even worse, although incredibly loving and friendly anywhere else, he showed signs of aggression toward other dogs and sometimes people when leashed. We went through two trainers before meeting Christina, and had nearly given up hope. But Christina changed everything! She taught him to walk next to us on the leash (something I never thought was possible) and worked with us to change his emotions while on leash. Now, he rarely ever barks at other dogs and never at people. She even helped teach Teddy’s older brother useful commands while teaching Teddy. She is a true expert in her field: smart, kind, encouraging and utterly professional. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone who has a dog with behavior issues, big or small. She gave me faith that any behavior issue can be corrected with the right training and some patience and time. Now that Teddy has “graduated”, we already miss her!” ~ Julie Lauch,

"We initially had some issues, in fact, I think she went
to two different families – before finally coming to us –
but thanks to a couple of visits from Christina,
we were given the guidance to work through them."

Daisy - Pitbull
Fear Aggression, Stranger Aggression

Daisy - Pitbull, Fear Aggression.jpg



"Dear Freddie, Monica and all the folks at FOF (For Our Friends)-

I am glad to hear that you received the donation. For those of you who don’t remember, my husband and I adopted Daisy about 2 1/2 years ago in 2004. We saw her picture on the Internet and met her at a PetCo Adoption Day. Unfortunately, she had already been  promised to another family – and in fact, I think she went to two different families – before coming finally coming to us around Xmas time.  We initially had some issues – but thanks to a couple of visits from Christina, we were given the guidance to work through them. Daisy still is a bit protective of me and not so comfortable around men, but she has brought such happiness to our life.  She is very energetic and loves to play (her favorite toy is a squeaky ball).  We find she has two speeds – full steam and fast asleep.  Attached are a couple of pictures of her.  You’ll see she’s gone from a skinny 35 pound pup to a 55 pound adolescent (healthy and fit per her last vet visit)! Good luck with your efforts!" ~ Adrienne Mackay / Christina Shusterich Shelter Work Reviews

Coby-Havenese, Protective Aggression.jpg

"Christina has made our lives with this lovable furball so much better."

Coby - Havenese
Protective Aggression, Aggression to Owner

"Christina helped us immensely with our dog Coby who has some serious behavior/aggression issues. She has made our lives with this lovable furball so much better. She taught us how to properly handle this little guy which has taken so much stress off of us. Until Christina came along we didn’t know what to do with him. Now with her training and guidance we have a clear plan to help this little guy as well as us. Christina is an awesome animal behaviorist… Thank you so much…" ~ Russell Martilla, Queens, NY

"Working with Christina was a wonderful experience."

Bailey - Lab Mix
Leash Aggression, Dog Aggression

Bailey - Lab Mix, Leash Aggression.jpg

“It was very embarrassing for us to have our dog Bailey show aggression to other dogs, especially after moving to a very pet friendly apartment building.  Needless to say, there are dogs everywhere. With Christina’s help Bailey overcame his leash aggression in just a few sessions, he is unconcerned with other dogs, more relaxed and is behaving better every day.  He even had a very friendly encounter with another dog yesterday, they were sniffing each other, wagging tails, it was great!  He also actually listens to us outside!  No more embarrassing days. Working with Christina was a wonderful experience as she made it simple and fun, we highly recommend her!” ~ Valisa, Neal & Bailey, Queens, NY

Godiva and Charlie - Whippet Mix_Cocker

"Double Miracle! It could not have happened without Christina. Christina holds herself to the highest of standards and is always professional.
I highly recommend her!"

Godiva & Charlie - Whippet & Cocker Spaniel
Aggression to Owner, Leash Aggression, Touch Aggression, Dog Aggression, Dog to Dog Acclimation, Obedience, Rehabilitation, Anxiety

"Double Miracle! Last year I adopted a 3 year old whippet mix named Godiva, whom I nicknamed Diva. She was an anxious insecure dog who had been abused. She was very affectionate, but would growl if I petted her, and growled if I didn’t. She lunged at strangers and barked at passersby. She would bark, growl, and bare teeth at other dogs. I was stumped by her behavior. Christina taught me calming exercises and ways to pet her without triggering her. She became a more secure, calmer dog. I adopted a second dog, a Spaniel mix named Charlie. He was totally undisciplined, not housebroken, impulsive and very stubborn. But he was also cute, smart and eager to please, so I took a chance. There ensued an intense rivalry between Diva and Charlie. Diva would deposit her 50 lb. self on my lap and glare at Charlie. Charlie fired back by peeing on my leg. I was at the end of my rope! A friend suggested an exorcism. I had a better idea. I called Christina. Christina came promptly and determined that the root of the conflict was not so much Diva’s dog aggression, but Charlie’s lack of doggie manners and dominant personality. He would jump on Diva and take treats out of her mouth. Diva was attempting to teach him manners by growling, but he was not getting the message. Christina devised an intense training program to teach Charlie doggie manners and establish Diva as “lead dog.” I followed her instructions to the letter. Then came the day we put both dogs together. They sniffed each other, circling ,and proceeded to lie down together, completely relaxed! Now they are a pleasure to walk together. Diva taught Charlie how to lift a leg on walks. He is completely housebroken and follows her lead. Diva is calmer and more secure in her role as of “big sister.” Charlie has re-awakened Diva’s playful nature and has become less dominant. It could not have happened without Christina. Christina holds herself to the highest of standards and is always professional. I highly recommend her!" ~ Maria McLaren, Queens, N.Y.

"I needed the best. I needed Christina Shusterich."

Eli - Shih-Tzu
Territorial Aggression, Leash Aggression, Aggression to Owner

Eli-Shih-Tzu, Territorial Aggression.jpg

"You can teach an old dog new tricks! The first time I met Eli, he tried to bite to me. It was love. The little shih tzu had been found wandering the street of Queens right after a blizzard, overgrown and matted, and angry. So angry that Animal Care and Control had him slated for death. Luckily another rescue stepped in and took him and we brought him home a week later. Told that he had a cold and was about four years old, it was soon discovered that he was closer to eight, had chronic, untreated dry-eye that had left him half blind, was arthritic, missing most of his teeth, and infected with ringworm. No wonder he was so angry. After a few months, Eli was calming down, but he still had regular boughts of aggression towards the man of the house, a propensity to territoriality, and terrible leash aggression. I knew I needed a professional. I needed the best. I needed Christina Shusterich. Christina came in, pinpointed the physical and emotional causes of Eli’s behavioral problems and immediately we set to work. Three months of weekly visits taught us a variety of strategies for helping Eli stay positive and happy on leash and in stressful situations. Now he handles his anxiety with aplomb. He is a new dog! Or, to be more accurate, he is an old dog with some new tricks. When I picked him up from his last vet visit I asked how many people he tried to eat and the answer was none! Now if only I could convince all of my neighbors to hire Christina . . . " ~ Regan Schwartz

Boh - Coohound Mix, Stranger Aggression,

"We were at the end of our rope, but Christina stepped
in and showed us what a charismatic and wonderful
dog we had. Adopting her methods has improved our
relationship with Boh and has allowed him to shine,
cannot thank Christina enough."

Boh - Coonhound
Stranger Aggression, Separation Anxiety

"I cannot say enough about Christina's services. Her expertise and professionalism combined with her love of dogs has had a profound impact on the way we interact with our dog, a Black and Tan Coonhound named Boh. With such a large dog, it was crucial that he be on his best behavior. Anxiety had started to form after several moves and other types of upheaval and Boh developed separation anxiety and stranger aggression. After having tried other trainers and methods we were at the end of our rope but Christina stepped in and showed us what a charismatic and wonderful dog we had under our noses the entire time. Adopting her methods has improved our relationship with Boh and has allowed him to shine. I cannot thank Christina enough nor can I recommend her highly enough. You owe it to yourself and your dog to enroll with Christina." ~ Jeremy Wicks

Rescued from garbage dump finds happy home!

Sophie - Beagle
Obedience, Rehabilitation

Sophie - Beagle, Obedience.jpg

The Artemis Project is a non-profit, grass-roots animal rescue organization operating on New York’s Upper West Side. Here are stories of some of the animals we’ve helped right here on the Upper West Side:  SOPHIE THE BEAGLE – “Sophie was found on a garbage dump in Virginia.  She was rescued and fostered for a few weeks and then brought into Animal General in Manhattan. That is where we met. She is the sweetest girl ever! All she wanted from the very beginning was to be loved and cuddled. I worked with a trainer and Sophie graduated in May from NY Clever K9. She was a puller on the leash and has improved tremendously. She responds to basic commands and she likes to sleep a lot!” ~ Irene Breslaw Grapel / Christina Shusterich Rescue Work Review



Poe - Pit Bull
Dominance Aggression, Obedience

“MIRACLE WORKER! I adopted Poe, a 3½ year old neutered Pit Bull mix. I quickly discovered he was sweet as can be but was completely out of control. Jumping on kitchen counters, living room tables, my stove and any other furniture you can think of. He desperately needed training and he also showed signs of dominance aggression, where he would uncontrollably corner and mount nonstop anyone who came in my home as well as my couch cushions. I found Christina and within the end of the first of my 5 sessions with her there was already a HUGE difference with Poe. She really understands dogs and knows how to read them. Christina uses nothing but a calm demeanor and positive reinforcement and it truly works with the animal. I really thought nothing would work with Poe and I have had animals my entire life. I have had him almost a year now and he is such a good boy thanks to Christina and her miracle work!!‎”

~ Erika Waxman, NYC

"Christina is a magician! We love you!"

Izzy & Jellybean - Mini Poodle & Toy Poodle
Fear (Submissive Urination),
Blind,Obedience, Rehabilitation

Izzy_Jellybean - Poodle, Fear (Submissiv

“Christina is a magician.  Kate and Ginger try really hard but aren’t able to always understand us.  Granted, we have some issues: Izzy is blind and barks to try to communicate and Jellybean has some submissive urination issues.  With kindness and patience Christinadetermines, develops and translates for us what we can really do (a lot!) and how to effectively communicate with us.  If you need your linguistically challenged humans to learn ‘The Ways of the Dog,’ training, leadership skills and make your life less stressful and better all around give Christina a call, you won’t be disappointed.  An extra benefit we got from the confidence we gained through Christina obedience program and our improved relationships is that Izzy no longer needs to bark constantly to try to get his point across and Jellybean’s urination problems have really decreased.  Christina we love you!“ ~ Izzy, Jellybean, Kate & Ginger, Brooklyn, NY

Gina - Lab Chow Mix, Obedience.jpg

"Thanks Christina for the great investment!”

Gina - Lab Chow Mix
Obedience, Rehabilitation

“Christina is amazing. My black Labrador/Chow mix Gina was like the Tasmanian Devil before Christina began working with her.  I don’t know how she does it but she is able to connect with my dog on a level I’ve never seen before. In just a few sessions Gina was following commands and her behavior in general was really improved.  Christina is so great because she doesn’t just train the dog and have you sit there, she makes sure you are involved so when she leaves you know exactly what to do and what to practice on. She is on time and great with scheduling and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Christina for the great investment!” ~ Brad Mitchell, NYC

"Christina is a savior!"

Cesar - Greyhound Mix
Separation Anxiety, Rehabilitation

Cesar - Greyhound Mix, Separation Anxiet

“Christina is a savior! A few months after we adopted Cesar, a greyhound mix, he developed separation anxiety.

He chewed books and pillows when we left the apartment, scratched all our doors, chewed through all the blinds and even broke through our bedroom window screen. As soon as Christina started working with Cesar using her separation anxiety program specifically tailored to his issues he drastically improved.  Working closely with Christina we found her to be very professional and personable. Separation anxiety takes patience, time and diligence to treat and we are grateful we found her, not every dog professional can resolve it but thankfully Christina is excellent. Before Christina treated Cesar, he would follow us right to the door and panic when we walked out without him and we were at a loss on how to treat it. Today, Cesar barely notices when we come and go, thanks to his time with Christina, and he even takes the liberty of napping on our bed when we leave. Cesar is calmer and much more confident which enables him to feel comfortable when we leave him alone. He now lives an anxiety-free life…

and so do we! ~ Jackie & James Mundy, Queens, NY

Hannah_Sydney - French Bulldog, Pug, Anx

"When we first called Christina we were frustrated and quickly losing hope.  After the first 20 minutes with Christina, my dogs had learned more than after all 6 group classes.  My dogs greatly enjoyed these sessions each week and Christina’s obvious passion and expertise made learning fun for everyone. Both Hannah and Sydney’s behavior have drastically improved, and I have found that they are much happier dogs altogether. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone."

Hannah & Sydney - French Bulldog & Pug
Anxiety, Obedience

"When we first called Christina we were frustrated and quickly losing hope with our 7 month old French Bulldog, Hannah. Hannah barked constantly for attention, and we had received several complaints from neighbors in our NYC apartment who were losing hours of sleep each night. We had tried products such as the ‘citronella collar’ to reduce barking, and had even enrolled Hannah and Sydney, our pug puppy, in basic group obedience classes.  Nothing had helped control the barking and after 6 group obedience classes, our puppies had only learned how to ‘sit’ because when they were there, all they wanted to do was play with the other dogs.  After the first 20 minutes with Christina, my dogs had learned more than after all 6 group classes.  My dogs greatly enjoyed these sessions each week and Christina’s obvious passion and expertise made learning fun for everyone.  Now that they realize that I am in control and that barking is a futile attempt to get my attention, both Hannah and Sydney’s behavior have drastically improved, and I have found that they are much happier dogs altogether. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone. We can’t thank you enough!” ~ Allie, Sydney, and Hannah Butler, NYC

“No matter how desperate you feel, don’t give up!
Christina worked miracles!”

Fiona - Pitbull
Leash Aggression, Dog Aggression


"No matter how bad you think your dog is, or how desperate you feel, don’t give up – call Christina!! My husband and I thought we were on a runaway train, but Christina showed us that wasn’t true. She taught us that anything can be solved with patience, positive reinforcement and awareness. We could not be more grateful for her (our dog agrees!!). Our rescue dog, Fiona, came to us terrified, distrusting, and extremely canine/animal aggressive. On every outing, her head was on a swivel. The final straw – and when we thought we might have to give up Fiona – was when she bit a puppy in our building. After that, we called Christina, and it is the best decision we’d ever made. Christina worked miracles. She helped Fiona go from a safety liability to a calmer, more confident dog who is able to walk without so much as a second glance at other pups (she doesn’t even care about other dogs in close proximity in the vet’s waiting room!). We feel that that the work she’s done has saved Fiona’s life. Throughout the process, Christina has helped my husband and I as much as she did Fiona. She is a phenomenal and patient teacher, and has instilled in us the confidence and skill set to continue Fiona’s rehabilitation on our own (we are reassured to know that she’s merely a text or call away if we need her, of course). We cannot thank her enough!!" ~ Avery Schlicher, NYC

Heidi - Beagle, Fear of Strangers.jpg

"Christina transformed her from a terrified dog who was limited to our house to a happy and confident one who is now capable of enjoying life."

Heidi - Beagle
Fear of Strangers, Fear on Walks, Anxiety, Rehabilitation

“Shortly after I got Heidi she became more and more frightened of strangers.  She began to shake and hide whenever a visitor came to our house and would not come out until they left, even if it took hours.  When I tried to walk her outside, she would be terrified and shake, pant and lunge back indoors so that I was unable to walk her.  She would also jump and run at every new noise. Through Christina’s behavior modification program she no longer hides from visitors and now looks forward to our walks. The difference is remarkable.  Christina transformed her from a terrified dog who was limited to our house to a happy and confident one who is now capable of enjoying life.  I really recommend

NY Clever K9!” ~ Christine Marino, Queens


Denver - Lab Mix
Anxiety, Blind

Denver - Lab Mix, Anxiety.jpg

“Denver”, a Blind, 12 year old Labrador mix. Re-Housetraining in new home and reduction of anxiety. “Remarkable. Denver is more comfortable here than he ever was in our old home. Thanks so much!” ~ Jim Palefe, Queens, NY

Korben - Ridgeback Pitbull mix.jpg

“Christina Performs Miracles!
Went to 4 trainers that failed miserably.”

Korben - Ridgeback Mix
Leash Aggression, Rehabilitation

“Christina performs miracles! I adopted a heavily abused dog who had a number of issues to work through. I went to 4 different trainers who all used the standard alpha method, they all failed miserably. One even told me that my dog needs a muzzle and a shock collar. I felt beaten down thought there was no hope and then someone recommended Christina and NY Clever K9.  At first I was not a believer but over time she gave my dog and I the tools needed to be successful and my dog overcame all of his issues. He is a changed dog and I would recommend her to anyone having any issues with their dog no matter how severe. Seriously, look no further! Christina performs miracles and I can not tell you how many compliments I get on how well behaved my dog is. Thank you!” ~ Leigh Stadler

"I whole-heartedly recommend
Christina and NY Clever K9"

Ginger - Boxer 
Fear on Walks, Anxiety, Obedience

Ginger-Boxer, Fear on Walks.jpg

“I brought home to NYC the cutest 11-week-old puppy, Ginger. However, I found that when I tried to walk Ginger outside she would not even leave my apartment to go out into the hallway. Ginger was petrified, terrified of leaving my apartment and much less the building. Enter into my life Christina Shusterich. Christina began with Basic Obedience and then developed a desensitization program to build up Ginger’s confidence and reduce her fear of outside by bringing successful obedience, exercise and fun games into the hallway that I could do with her.  Slowly but surely Ginger found the hallway to be the best place ever, she became curious about the noises from other apartments and she got used to the ones that frightened her. We worked our way to the lobby and then to the sidewalk. Ginger has been taking long walks with ease for about 2 months. Not only does she takes walks, she loves them. It was a difficult time for me as I thought it was the strangest thing to have a dog that didn’t want to go for a walk, but I am so glad that I stuck with the training program that Christina provided. Ginger brings so much joy to my life and we love to spend our days together strolling through the park. I whole-heartedly recommend Christina and NY Clever K9 whether it is for Basic Obedience or working with your fearful dog.” ~ Stacey Giunta, NYC

Comet and Freya - Keeshounds, Obedience.

"Christina is a dog whisperer!"

Comet & Freya - Keeshonds
Obedience, Rehabilitation

"We first met Christina in 2002 we needed a behaviorist who understood the make up of a Keeshond. Well what a find! Comet was SO in love with her and we were truly amazed and knew we found a gem! Comet loved Christina so much that if I wanted to get him to come inside all I’d have to do is pretend Christina was in the house and he’d come running. Prior to find Christina (a Loooong deliberate search) we had your “old World” type trainer come in, Comet was not happy, we fired him on his second lesson AND to prove the difference, he was in the neighborhood one day a few years later and it produced stress in Comet, his fear was unreal! NEVER that with Christina, she truly changed his life and ours. We had her back for our Freya in 2004 and will again soon for Baldur. She is a dog whisperer!" ~ Kathy Doubleu

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