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8 Ways to Fitness

Dog Fitness! Christina’s article “8 Ways to Fitness” provides fun and easy training exercises and games to keep your dog at his physical peak, published nationally by Animal Wellness Magazine


8 Ways to Soothe Separation Anxiety

Christina Shusterich’s article “8 Ways to Soothe Separation Anxiety” provides effective ways to both prevent and treat separation anxiety in dogs, published nationally by Animal Wellness Magazine


Dog Training Books

Hopeless Dog to Happy Dog! An introduction to the Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System Book by Christina Shusterich – 5 Stars on Amazon!


International Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors

Christina Shusterich article on the Treatment of Stranger Phobia in a Beagle published internationally by the Association Of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors - An International Membership and Certification Organization of Companion Animal Behavioral Specialists


Kijiji Pet Fitness and Nutrition Campaign

Christina Shusterich of NY Clever K9 provided Tips and appeared live on the Frank Truatt morning show as the Spokesperson for NYC Pet Fitness and Nutrition Campaign – “Pet Weight Loss and Fitness Tips”


NY Daily News, Queens Chronicle

Christina’s Letters to the Editors Against Breed Specific Legislation published in NY Daily News (see above) and Queens Chronicle


Out of the Cage!

Locking dogs in crates/cages is not good for them. Is that really a surprise or is their a natural human aversion to do so? I don't think anyone enjoys shelter commercials with dog locked in cages, in fact, it is a motivator to adopt and rescue them. Locked cages absolutely fails to meet critical normal dog behavior and needs such as active play, chewing, chasing, searching/exploring, performing jobs, and being challenged and exercised mentally and physically - this is 24/7 dog behavior needs that need to be continually and in fact can be easily created and met in our dog's fundamental environment in our homes, not just on outside excursions. Further, immobilizing, caging and depriving dogs of the minimum ability to walk is unnatural and deleterious, and contributes to hyperactivity and behavior problems once let out of the immobility forced by the cage. It contributes to the development of and always worsens separation anxiety.
In reality, every reason cited for locking dogs in cages is much better met and more effective without caging! (though that does not sell cages and crates) Read on exactly how we can really take the best care of our dogs in line with their nature, creating the happiest dogs and deepest, peaceful harmony with our dogs - out of a cage!"


Top Tips from Top Trainers

Christina Shusterich named a Top Trainer and a major contributing author to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Book, the largest and most respected dog trainer association worldwide

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