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Christina's Super Skype World Class "All Dog Solutions" Tailored to Your Dog! 

Vetted Media Dog Expert Christina has advised on a vast variety of more than 70 dog issues published around the world What do you need help with?

As a sought after Dog Expert Nationally and Internationally, with her keen, innovative insights, encyclopedic knowledge, Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System and 20 years experience, Dog Expert Christina Shusterich has contributed over 70 times across all media - TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, podcasts, her articles and books, advising on a vast, diverse array of Puppy and Dog Issues: 

Dog behavior, preventing and treating all behavior problems including separation anxiety, best dog training techniques, eliminating pushy behavior,  best home setup to happily meet your dogs needs as animals and to easily exercise them mentally and physically, best ways to prepare your dog for a new baby, rehabilitating dogs, creating dog and cat BFF's, perfect puppy, housetraining, how to smoothly acclimate dogs to new situations - riding in cars, moves, easy grooming, best toys and chews and much more!!

Bonus! In addition to specific handouts provided for each issue, as a Dog Expert Christina also provides free to each dog owner:  How to accurately “speak dog” by understanding dog body language (quite different from our own) and correctly read, understand and predict their dogs behavior, identifying signs of stress in your dog, the optimal set up of your home for meeting your dog’s natural requirements for exercise and mental stimulation as dogs, best toys, and valuable tools for preventing behavior problems from developing in your dog (behavior problems can occur at any age)

Solutions for: Obedience issues; housetraining, puppy issues and best development, how to best acclimate shelter/rescue dogs including puppy mill rescues, creating easy adjustments to moves, new pet, new partners; preventing and treating early signs of separation anxiety, changing grooming/putting on harnesses/collars from an aversive to a bonding experience, the best new baby to home program to safely and lovingly bond your baby and dog, enriching the life of senior dogs to be as peaceful and happy as possible and more, tailored to your unique dog and environment.


**Treatment of canine behavior problems caused by aggression, fear aggression not treatable remotely, contact me to treat in person. Some fear issues can be treated remotely, contact me if uncertain  

Popular Designed Sessions
All Sessions are directly with
Christina Shusterich!

Super Skype Sessions

Perfect Puppy Session:  Housetraining, best home set up for you and your puppy, critical time periods of puppy development and how to best meet them, mental & physical requirements of your puppy and fun ways to satisfy them, ways to prevent behavior problems from developing, redirecting puppy chewing/biting/mouthing so as to not be a human toy, eliminating jumping up, destructiveness, whining/crying/barking behaviors for attention, best toys to occupy, channel energy and aid in your puppy’s development. Handouts included and emailed to you: 10 page Housetraining Guide, Puppy Training Guide, best toys and where to find them, extra durable toys. Minimum 90 min (1 hour 30 min) session.

Help! Housetraining Session: Critical best home set up for you and your puppy or adult dog, detailed instructions covering every aspect of effective housetraining including how to eliminate on command, the times puppies to adult dogs need to eliminate, how to begin or transition out of wee wee pads, how to eliminate only outside, 10 page guide included. Minimum 1 hour session

Rescue Dog “Welcome Home!” Acclimation Session: This session is designed to successfully acclimatize your dog or puppy to his new home while preventing the problems of destructiveness, housetraining issues and anxiety. It provides  techniques to immediately reduce stress, build confidence,  promote your dog’s optimal development and prevent behavior problems.  This 1½ hour session includes:  Optimal set up of your home including ways to create a calming and encouraging environment, fun and convenient ways to exercise your dog to provide consistent daily aerobic and mental exercise and keep your dog calm throughout the day and with a much needed routine and a successful job to perform, best toys to engage, mentally stimulate and even exercise your dog including proven extra durable toys for strong chewers,  how to understand your dog by accurately reading your dog’s body postures and actions, how to recognize signs of stress in your dog, creating stress free absences and ways to prevent separation anxiety from developing as described in Christina’s article “8 Ways to Soothe Separation Anxiety” and as seen on Inside Edition and several articles on wikiHow, and extensive handouts including a 10 page housetraining guide for puppies and adult dogs from a shelter environment and Christina’s Obedience Training Handbook. Can view Christina’s  Shelter Work Reviews. Minimum 90 min (1 hour 30 min)session.

Creating Stress Free Adjustments: Including moving, new pet to home, divorces, new partners Minimum 1 hour session

Acclimating cats and dogs to a positive, safe relationship. Minimum 1 hour session

New Baby to Home Program as I demonstrated on CBS News and was quoted in Fit Pregnancy Magazine! This 90 min session prepares your dog for a happy adjustment to your new baby. *For phone counseling, your dog would need to have no behavior issues (no problems with any aggression or fear) and know some basic commands or an in home session is needed. Minimum 90 min (1 hour 30 min) session.

Senior Dogs - creating best environment for comfortable health, safety and fun! Exercising mentally (old dogs can learn new tricks!), best toys for seniors, preventing behavior issues due to declining health and diminishing senses. Minimum 75 min (1 hour 15min) session

Soothing Grooming - changing grooming, putting on harnesses/collars from an aversive to a peaceful, bonding experience. Minimum 1 hour session

Create your own session!

Sessions tailored to your dog’s specific needs with effective solutions for single or any combination of issues such as:  Solutions for all puppy issues including mouthing, destructiveness, critical socialization periods, housetraining; obedience training issues such as eliminating bribing with treats for obedience, destructiveness, begging, jumping up, eliminating controlling, pushy behaviors, having to repeat commands; ways to help rehabilitate, calm and build confidence in dogs with challenging past histories; how to prevent behavior problems from starting in all dogs; best toys to occupy, exercise physically and mentally, calm and channel your dog’s natural instincts; and any other dog related questions you may have. Also, solutions for the more than 70 issues Christina has provided her expert advice for in her Media Library tailored to your unique dog and environment!

**Not appropriate for Virtual Skype Solutions Sessions: Treatment of Aggression, Fear Aggression and certain other behavior problems which are problems resulting from aggression, fear or both. For all behavior problems Contact me directly to ensure your problem is covered, rates and session time needed***

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