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Christina's                                  Outstanding

What are the Credentials that make Christina
an authentic, established and
acclaimed Dog Expert?

Leash Aggressive Dog Command Christina's "Walking Watch Me" 100%Focus Handler & Calming NY Clever K9

Leash Aggressive Dog Command Christina's "Walking Watch Me" 100%Focus Handler & Calming NY Clever K9

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Education, 20 years Experience

  • BA Psychology Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and with additional honors from Queens College. Earned with a focus on the science of behavior modification including classical conditioning, operant conditioning and counter-conditioning techniques, essential to effectively treating behavior problems in dogs, training behaviors and modifying behaviors in humans and animals.

  • ​I received my certification in Canine Behavior Modification and Dog Training from the Animal Behavior Center of New York (ABCNY) in 2002. The program consisted of the intense study of behavior modification techniques to treat behavior problems in dogs, dog psychology and dog training, with over 230 hours working directly with shelter dogs (the center was part of and located in a shelter). It was an exceptional, and renowned program, attracting students from all over the world and its caliber is difficult to find today.

  • My mission has always been to literally save dogs and prevent them from going to shelters and likely euthanization, as behavior problems are a number 1 cause.  One of the many reasons I chose ABCNY is because it allowed me to work directly with dogs relinquished to the shelter and who were under great stress - the most difficult cases. As a great bonus of the program, from our work with the shelter dogs we were directly able to help get them adopted.

  • Certified as a Canine Behavior Counselor (CBC) through The Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors.

  • I was certified as Certified Professional Dog Trainer CPDT-KA Knowledge Assessed.

  • American Kennel Club Registered Evaluator and administrator of their Canine Good Citizen Test since 2004 through the present.

  • Certified Pet First Aid, Emergency Care and Safety through Lifesaving Enterprises.

  • Shelter Dog Expert: I have worked extensively with shelter dogs. In addition to work with shelter dogs at the Animal Care and Control including a dog training demonstration, Queens Mutt Show, ACABC certification work with shelter dogs, and 20 years experience, I also volunteered with For Our Friends Rescue Group for over 4 years, performing countless behavioral evaluations to provide the best match between dog and potential adopter, and identify, treat and resolve any behavior problems present that would prevent adoption or cause a return of the dog to the shelter. I also trained the dogs and volunteers in some obedience commands, again to increase their adoptability. During my work there I was able to increase adoptions and reduce the dog return rate from 1/2 - 1/3 of the dogs to an unheard of 1 dog, then quickly rehomed!.  Rescue Reviews 

  • Along with extensive study of all aspects of dog behavior, I also immersed myself continually for 20 years in experience with the most problematic, complex and challenging dogs that had been given up on and deemed "hopeless cases" and am a recognized leader in the field of effectively treating every and the most difficult canine behavior problems.

  • Owner, NY Clever K9, Inc. since 2002  – Dog Behaviorist, Dog Trainer, Dog Expert:  
    Out of my mission to literally save dogs and deliberate, extensive experience with the worst cases, I saw a better method of treatment for eliminating behavior problems was needed than solely training and created my Total Harmony Dog Transformation System to permanently eliminate canine behavior problems while also creating the most harmonious relationship possible dog and owner, ensuring a happy life together. Further and very critically my system works for all dogs regardless of age, breed, complexity of problem, simultaneous multiple problems and in the most trying environments like the urban streets of nyc. Through this system, hundreds of dogs’ lives have been saved. Desperate dog owners often turn to me when all other methods have failed them, frequently using descriptions like “miracle worker,” “incredible,” and “beyond gifted.” Most importantly, I’ve heard time and again from many relieved owners: “You saved our dog’s life.” as I am often the last barrier to relinquishing the dog. See Reviews for the elimination of every type of behavior problem and my clients rave reviews. Voted best dog behavior specialist and best dog training multiple times. I have also been named a top Dog Trainer and received many accolades as a dog trainer. As a 2 decade experienced Dog Expert I further offer a very wide variety of Programs to prevent and resolve all dog problems from new babies to the home, to acclimating and rehabilitation of rescue dogs including puppy mill and many more, reflected in my publicized wide ranging media library.


  • Expert Witness, The Legal Aid Society
    Evaluated videos, photos and documents in an expert capacity to assist with a dog bite case.

  • Dog Health & Psychology Consultant, Lowe Campbell Ewald
    Furnished insights to the Lowe Campbell Ewald team on matters involving dog psychology and health issues.


  • Spokesperson for NYC Pet Fitness and Nutrition Campaign of April 2009 which included a Live Radio Interview on the “Frank Truatt Morning Show”.

  • Dog Behavior Expert wikiHow  - Notable co-author, Expert Videos 
    Collaborate and provide expert information and dog advice and solutions to wikiHow’s 150+ million monthly readers via articles and videos.

Beyond just Membership
in Dog Behavior and Training Associations. 
Accolades, Educational Publications, Media.

While memberships in prestigious organizations indicate acknowledgement of my skill as a Dog Behavior Expert and my ability to meet the industry’s strict best practices and standards, my involvement goes much deeper:

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers - APDT
Beyond being a only a member, Christina named a Top Dog Trainer and an Author with the most tips published by the APDT in their essential best selling Dog Training book “The Association Of Pet Dog Trainers Top Tips from Top Trainers: 1001 Practical Tips and Techniques for Successful Dog Care and Training”, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. The APDT is the most highly respected, recognized and largest dog trainer association worldwide

The Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors - ACABC
Christina's article/case study on the treatment of Stranger Phobia in a Beagle published internationally 


Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers – CCPDT
I was certified as Certified Professional Dog Trainer CPDT-KA Knowledge Assessed  This certification requires passing a more rigorous test than those given by the vast majority of current dog trainer schools. Twice featured as their “Certificant in the News!” October 2012 and again in the January/February 2013 Newsletter


The Dog Trainers Connection
Provided podcast giving dog trainers tips to diagnose Stranger Aggression in dogs 


5-time winner Best in Queens, The Tribune

2010   Best Dog Trainer & Dog Behavior Specialist

2009   Best Animal Training

2008   Best Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialists

2007   Trainer Extraordinaire

2006    Dog Whisperer

Christina's ebook "Hopeless Dog to Happy Dog -
An introduction to the Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System"

Rated 4 stars on 5 stars on Amazon " I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is training their dog, especially a sensitive one" 

Pooch & Harmony - Dog Behavior Expert Christina Shusterich & NY Clever K9 named in The Top 10 Training Programs for Aggressive Dogs in NYC 2023

Media Expert

Christina is a "go to" Dog Expert at a National and International level, with her gifted, innovative insights and her encyclopedic knowledge of dog behavior. Christina has appeared across all media over 70 times advising and informing across a vast range of dog topics- TV, Radio, Podcasts, Author and her many Press/Quoted Expert advice on all aspects of dogs: preventing and eliminating all dog behavior problems, understanding dogs, how they learn and what they feel, best puppy development and dog training techniques and tips, rehabilitating dogs, babies and dogs, bonding ways to groom dogs, acclimating dogs to new situations and so much more. See Christina's Media Library

Access Christina's world class programs at Services!

My Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System Innovative. Exceptional. Proven. Permanent.

Fulfilling my mission to save dogs and prevent them from going to shelters and likely euthanasia and help their heroic struggling owners, keeping both happy together forever I developed my proven Total Harmony Dog Transformation   System to effectively and permanently eliminate all behavior problems in dogs including the most serious, complex, multiple and regardless of the dogs age, breed or prior treatment failures. Through the System, we also attain the deepest relationship possible with the ultimate level of communication, love and harmony between owners and their dog. 

Dog training alone fails dogs with behavior problems for several reasons: Problem behaviors in dogs are those caused by poor manners/poor obedience, behavior problems, on the other hand, are created and caused by negative emotions- aggression, fear, or a combination of both. If the emotion was not there, the behavior problem would not be there so the emotion must be changed to its opposite- enjoyment and dogs are way too agitated - too aggressive or frightened or both - to be able
to perform obedience commands, which led to my development of my specific Calming Commands. Read more at my Methods Page for my specific techniques, how it works, and see my verified Rave Reviews of every behavior problem eliminated from very happy clients, rescue groups (and dogs!)

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