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Train your dog to jump through hula hoop, great dog exercise and to calm dogs!

Train your dog to jump through hula hoop, great dog exercise and to calm dogs!

Have fun with your dog hula hooping! A critical part of my Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System effectively treating all behavior problems in dogs is keeping them as calm as possible, boosting confidence (frightened and aggressive dogs are not confident dogs) and giving them a routine & job to perform successfully on a daily basis, great for all dogs as well! Most dogs lack needed aerobic exercise and hula hooping done correctly for 15 minutes can be equivalent to going to the dog run for an hour, is not weather dependent so can be done daily and as you see dogs love it!! Hula hooping helps keep dogs calm throughout the day, reducing anxiety and destructiveness. It can be increased to 2 to 3 times daily for dogs particularly stressed due to a new home, loss of a fellow pet or owner and is an important element in rehabilitating dogs.To train can use your dog's meal instead of treats. Verbal command is "jump through" hand signal is as shown. Treats are used for every jump initially then intermittently and then randomly e.g., 1 out of 3, 3 out of 3, 2 out of 3 Treats are typically eliminated once a behavior is learned, I keep using dog's food on a random basis as an important part of the game is the hunt for food, a natural instinct that provides mental exercise as well. Dog should run as far as possible and non-stop. If your dog is timid to start, begin with the hula hoop touching the floor and toss the treats initially just far enough to have your dog walk through the hoop. As your dog gets comfortable slowly raise the height of the hoop while increasing the distance the treats are thrown. As shown, it is not necessary to have your dog jump very high and do not if your dog has or is genetically predisposed to any skeletal issues, the main point is to have your dog running as fast and as far as possible while jumping through. If your dog is not a big eater can use a flirt pole toy, and before starting any exercise program always check with your vet first. To view my Media Library to get instant help now visit us at:
Command to calm aggressive or anxious dogs instantly!NY Clever K9 Christina Shusterich

Command to calm aggressive or anxious dogs instantly!NY Clever K9 Christina Shusterich

The "See Me" Calming Command(SM) physically calms dogs (notice how every dog closes his mouth and holds his breath) and focuses them entirely on the handler in any situation, it is NOT the obedience watch me command. It is a Calming Command (SM) that I developed and use in treating fearful, aggressive and fear aggressive dogs to instantly calm them and focus them entirely on me regardless of how chaotic the situation is that triggers an emotion in the dog and without the command would result in aggressive or fearful behavior. Though one verbal command (See Me) and one hand signal (index finger next to eye) is used it is actually a behavior chain and consists of four commands chained together - the dog sits, stays, looks directly into my eyes and holds his/her breath, physically calming the dog. While executing, it is very important that you smile at your dog. It is part of the Calming Command(SM) series of commands used in my Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System for effectively treating and eliminating all behavior problems in dogs. For more information on successfully treating behavior problems in dogs using my Total Harmony Dog Transformation ® System along with my full Media Library including articles, quoted advice, press and free tips to get instant help now please visit us at: "We had Christina for our dog and this really works. She helped us tremendously" - Russ Martilla

How to train your dog to jump through hula hoop- great aerobic exercise and calms dog, leash aggression techniques, Christina's Instant Calming Command, before and after cases

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