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Innovative. Exceptional. Proven. Permanent.

Christina's Total Harmony
Dog Transformation  System


Having a dog with a behavior problem or problems is extremely stressful, disappointing, disheartening and often sad. Behavior problems can also create serious real-life problems such as eviction threats and genuinely dangerous situations. In addition to watching the dog you love and care for suffering, you are suffering as well.

There IS help for your dog.

Likely, you have already tried one or several methods of training dogs to address these behavior problems but they have failed you. Thankfully for your dog’s sake you aren’t one to give up easily.

All hope is not lost.

As a recognized Dog Behavior Expert, I have honed my skills, education and experiences and have been effectively carrying out my mission for 20 years to prevent dogs from being given up and euthanized due to behavior problems that can be successfully treated and keeping dogs and owners living happily and harmoniously together at the highest level achievable.

Turn Away from Desperation To Lasting Results

Desperate pet owners often turn to me when all other methods have failed them, frequently using descriptions like “miracle worker,” “incredible,” “amazing,” "beyond gifted." Most importantly, I’ve heard time and again from many relieved owners: “You saved our dog’s life.”
See Reviews for the elimination of every type of behavior problem, and the dramatic increase in permanent adoptions with a record low dog return rate in my Rescue Reviews.


Together with my unique, proven Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System, we can release you and your dog from the prison of every type of behavior problem, including those that are most severe and complex, multiple and regardless of your dog’s breed, age or how many methods you have tried previously.

 No matter how desperate you feel, you are not alone. We can work through this together. Contact me directly today.

Using my exclusive, proven Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System, we can release you and your dog from the prison of a behavior problem.

Why is Basic Dog Training Not Enough for Eliminating Behavior Problems in Dogs?

There is a vast difference between problem behaviors and behavior problems in dogs, just as there is vast difference in their resolution.

Problem Behaviors vs. Behavior Problems

Problem behaviors in dogs are those caused by poor manners/poor obedience such as counter surfing, mouthing or jumping to greet guests and are effectively addressed by training alone, most effectively using positive behavior modification proven techniques. Behavior problems, on the other hand, are created and caused by negative emotions- aggression, fear, or a combination of both. If the emotion was not there, the behavior problem would not be there. So, the difference between training and the successful treatment of behavior problems in dogs is the ability to change the emotions producing the behavior problem, as well as the behavior itself.

  • Traditional dog training focuses on problem behaviors caused by poor manners/poor obedience such as counter surfing, mouthing, or jumping to greet guests.

  • My Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System, on the other hand, transforms and eliminates the negative emotions—aggression, fear or both—which are the actual cause of dog behavior problems and uses my created Calming Commands that physiologically calm dogs and which they can perform when very agitated, fearful or aggressive, unlike obedience commands which fail dogs with behavior problems. I also utilize "dog speak" - dog body language for ultimate communication.


 How Does Total Harmony Dog Transformation  Work?


My Total Harmony Dog Transformation System incorporates
Three Central Elements:


  1. The most effective way to truly and permanently eliminate a behavior problem is to transform the negative emotion producing the behavior into its very opposite = enjoyment. I have developed techniques for creating positive emotions in each and every dog in every circumstance. It is not enough for a people aggressive dog to simply walk past people without attacking, he must be happily wagging his tail when people are encountered to ensure that the behavior problem is truly and permanently gone, the negative emotion producing it successfully transformed into positive.

  2. Christina’s Calming Commands (SM) The Three C’s, calming the most agitated dogs. Traditional obedience commands fail dogs with behavior problems as they are simply too stressed, frightened, agitated or aggressive to respond to them. I’ve developed a series of what I call Calming Commands (SM) which physiologically calm dogs as well as focus the dog on the handler so they can effectively perform them in any and all circumstances.

  3. Dog Speak The third element of my transformation system is effectively utilizing canine body language to communicate successfully with dogs.  Understanding and utilizing dogs’ body language can prevent a dog from being aggressive, can change a dog from being fearful, can literally move a dog and can both prevent and treat behavior problems in and of itself. Force, punishment, "corrections" are never used.

Most Effective Environment For Treatment of Dog Behavior Problems -
Real life!


In your home and specific walking environment, where canine behavior problems are created and are actually happening and triggered  is critical - not an artificial, inaccurate facility setting.

Effective treatment must be tailored to each individual dog and in their individual, real life environments where the problems are.  Why?

Behavior Problem treatment is not Obedience Training and the majority of behavior problems can't be treated successfully and permanently eliminated outside of the real environments creating and triggering them which vary greatly. Further, there are many behavior problems that occur only in the home -  separation anxiety, territorial/stranger aggression to guests, inter-dog aggression dogs living together, rehabilitation/acclimation to new home and frightening stimuli in home among others. Walking environments vary widely among clients affecting frequency and severity due to the number of triggers in your specific environment. The most effective and expedient treatment plan must be tailored to your specific dog's fear on walks / leash aggression and all triggers and frequency of triggers in her walking environment.  Finally, dogs naturally act differently in different environments -  can be friendly to strangers/guest at home and leash aggressive or fearful on walks or vice versa, can be fine with dogs they live with but aggressive at dog run, can be mildly aggressive or frightened by sounds on walks in a quiet, suburban walking environment and highly aggressive or terrified in urban areas where triggers are very frequent. 


As it is vital to me to give the best possible care and most effective treatment to your dog I provide in home behavior problem treatment and take on the travel time, cost and effort to travel to your specific location where the problem is happening - at no additional charge to you. My number 1 mission in life is to save dogs lives and help their owners achieve the peace and happiness you both deserve. While working out of a facility would be easiest, my life's mission is to absolutely, effectively save dogs and their owners using my developed Total Harmony Dog Transformation System, including the worst cases both rejected and failed at previously. This has been a conscious decision maintained in over 20 years of operation.


Further, and solely due to the very critical importance of successful treatment of behavior problems , all treatment is done exclusively with acclaimed Dog Expert Christina Shusterichnot a lesser accomplished employee.  For more info, see About

Delivering Proven Results 
Saving Hundreds of Dogs’ Lives

For nearly two decades, I’ve successfully used the Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System in one of the most agitating and stressful urban environments—New York City. My satisfied clients and shelters report:


  • Effective in treating all behavior problems in dogs – all fear, all aggression and fear/aggression including separation anxiety, resource guarding,  panic on walks and stranger aggression to name only a few. 

  • Successful in treating the most extreme and complex behavior problems as well as simultaneous multiple behavior problems. Success in treating extreme forms of fear and aggression.

  • It is effective for treating multiple triggers simultaneously – working on the busy streets of NYC my typical leash aggression case is a dog that is aggressive on leash not only to dogs but also to people, skateboards, scooters, bicyclists and being flooded by all.

  • Succeeds where other methods have failed.

  • Learning to accurately understand your dog’s behavior and “speak dog” you achieve the ultimate level of communication and harmony possible between you and your dog. 
    See verified Rave Reviews


Expert, Effective, Enduring Positive Dog Training

As an Acclaimed Dog Trainer - Named an rare APDT Top Trainer, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers the largest and most respected dog training association worldwide,voted Best Behaviorist and Dog Training over 5 years and more Awards, the dog training techniques I use are based on proven, humane methods from the science of behavior modification and how dogs effectively learn - no theories.  Training is off leash, positive and enables true communication with your dog, bringing your relationship to its highest level. Training is an active learning process on the part of the dog as well as the client.  As a Dog Behavior Expert, I include free in every Obedience Program valuable tools for preventing behavior problems from developing in your dog (behavior problems can occur at any age) clients are taught how to “speak dog” in order to correctly read and understand their dogs behavior in all situations, and the optimal set up of your home for meeting your dog’s natural requirements for exercise and mental stimulation is created.

Permanent, Proven, Happy, Harmonious
Starts Here. Contact Me Today

If you seek lasting results that transform your dog’s behavior, turn to me for expert services based on years of training and hands-on experience.

Whether you live in Manhattan, New York City, Queens, or Brooklyn and you would like in-person Services, or you live elsewhere are would like to sign up for Zoom services, contact me at NY Clever K9 today.

Use my online Contact form to personally send me a detailed message about your dog’s problems.

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