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Your dog's care and your inquiry are very important to us. If we have an appointment to offer you, we will reach out to you within 72 hours. If you have not been contacted within that time, it means we do not have an appointment available and do not have an opening in the foreseeable future and we encourage you to continue your search, we do not want to delay you from getting help. Be aware dog training is not the same as effectively treating canine behavior problems (aggression/fear) If your dog has behavior problems, we suggest googling proven dog behaviorists, dog behavior specialists or dog behavior consultants. As any of these terms can be used by anyone, be certain to find proof with verifiable credentials, education, and experience specifically in the science of dog behavior modification, dog behavior problem study and treatment and documented success in treating a wide variety of canine behavior problems. If you are in need of services at another time please submit a new inquiry.

 For free, instant help now we invite you to view Christina's extensive Media Library advising on all Dog Topics including tips and solutions on preventing and treating all dog behavior problems including separation anxiety, best dog training, optimal dog health, rehabilitating dogs including puppy mill dogs, acclimating dogs and babies, perfect puppy, creating fun car rides, soothing grooming and many, many more ranging from tips for treating separation anxiety to caring for puppy mill dogs to her command to instantly calm aggressive dogs: Media

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