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verified client RAVE reviews


Lizzy - Olde English Bulldog, Obedience.

“Prior to Christina, Lizzy was in complete control of the house - in one word DISOBEDIENT.”

Lizzy - Olde English Bulldog

“Prior to Christina, Lizzy was in complete control of the house – in one word DISOBEDIENT. She’s like a different dog now! We can actually sit on the couch without being trampled. We’re even receiving compliments from the neighbors who have told us “Hiring that trainer was the best money you’ve ever spent!” Thanks Christina!” 

~ Laura & John Tuseo, Queens

"I whole-heartedly recommend
Christina and NY Clever K9"

Ginger - Boxer 
Obedience, Fear on Walks, Anxiety, 

Ginger-Boxer, Fear on Walks.jpg

“I brought home to NYC the cutest 11-week-old puppy, Ginger. However, I found that when I tried to walk Ginger outside she would not even leave my apartment to go out into the hallway. Ginger was petrified, terrified of leaving my apartment and much less the building. Enter into my life Christina Shusterich. Christina began with Basic Obedience and then developed a desensitization program to build up Ginger’s confidence and reduce her fear of outside by bringing successful obedience, exercise and fun games into the hallway that I could do with her.  Slowly but surely Ginger found the hallway to be the best place ever, she became curious about the noises from other apartments and she got used to the ones that frightened her. We worked our way to the lobby and then to the sidewalk. Ginger has been taking long walks with ease for about 2 months. Not only does she takes walks, she loves them. It was a difficult time for me as I thought it was the strangest thing to have a dog that didn’t want to go for a walk, but I am so glad that I stuck with the training program that Christina provided. Ginger brings so much joy to my life and we love to spend our days together strolling through the park. I whole-heartedly recommend Christina and NY Clever K9 whether it is for Basic Obedience or working with your fearful dog.” ~ Stacey Giunta, NYC

OBrien - Golden Retreiver, AKC Canine Go

"Christina is a superb trainer with a very
intelligent and constructive approach."

O'brien - Golden Retriever

AKC Canine Good Citizen Training

“O’Brien”, a 2 year old Golden Retriever. Trained for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. “Christina is a superb trainer with a very intelligent and constructive approach, she is a pleasure to work with. O’Brien was trained in a very short time frame." ~ Charles Scherer, NYC

"Thank you, Christina for making Mac's world less frustrating and my world more peaceful!"

Mac - Lab


“Life before Christina of NY Clever K9: Formal complaints from apartment neighbors who don’t quite appreciate incessant barking; a tired, impatient, at-her-wits-end owner who had never witnessed her dog sleep for more than 20 minutes and who barked whenever he was awake; crumbs in my bed from a dog who refused to remove himself from it; never an uninterrupted eating experience without an entire turkey or pizza being snatched from the table; a wild dog jumping up on every table and person; did I mention the incessant barking?  Life after Christina: Compliments from neighbors and friends about my well behaved, gorgeous ‘angel’; a rested owner who enjoys a full night sleep on her crumb free bed with her dog on his own bed on the floor; dinners at the dining room table for the 2-leggeds only; a dog who tries very hard to sit when greeting people, but in any event, no longer jumps; a doggie and owner who happily understand each other!  Thank you, Christina, for making Mac’s world less frustrating and my world more peaceful!”

~ Bridget Meenaghan, NYC

Hanna - Standard Poodle, Service Dog Tra

"Christina worked wonders and turned Hanna
into a fabulous mobility dog."

Hanna - Standard Poodle
Obedience, Service Dog Training

“Christina is fabulous. I’m handicapped and needed someone to work with my reserved standard poodle and train her as a service dog. Christina worked wonders and turned Hanna into a fabulous mobility dog. Christina is not only my dog’s trainer, she’s also become a friend and even though Hanna’s intensive training has come to an end, Christina makes it a point to visit us once a month and take us out on field trips, going to local stores, restaurants or just to the park, making sure Hanna is up to par. She’s an excellent trainer and I can think of no other person or place that deserves the honor of being named the best in Queens!” ~ Judy Hartfield, Queens, NY

"Thanks to you we are now on our way 
to helping Parker lead a happy lifestyle."

Parker - Shih Tzu Mix

Parker - Shih-Tzu Mix, Obedience.jpg

“Steven and I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for Parker.  Although we were lucky enough to have a found a puppy with such a great temperament, thanks to you, we are now also on our way to helping Parker lead a happy lifestyle, where he now knows how to communicate with us, and in turn we can communicate with him.  I believe it is this obedience that will truly help Parker to live a fulfilling and happy life.  We are so excited for what’s to come, and thank you for giving us all the tools we may need to help Parker along the way.  Enjoy the pictures and we will keep you posted on Parker’s developments!!” ~ Erika & Steven Bekoff, Queens

Hannah_Sydney - French Bulldog, Pug, Anx

"When we first called Christina we were frustrated and quickly losing hope.  After the first 20 minutes with Christina, my dogs had learned more than after all 6 group classes.  My dogs greatly enjoyed these sessions each week and Christina’s obvious passion and expertise made learning fun for everyone. Both Hannah and Sydney’s behavior have drastically improved, and I have found that they are much happier dogs altogether. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone."

Hannah & Sydney / French Bulldog & Pug
Obedience, Anxiety

"When we first called Christina we were frustrated and quickly losing hope with our 7 month old French Bulldog, Hannah. Hannah barked constantly for attention, and we had received several complaints from neighbors in our NYC apartment who were losing hours of sleep each night. We had tried products such as the ‘citronella collar’ to reduce barking, and had even enrolled Hannah and Sydney, our pug puppy, in basic group obedience classes.  Nothing had helped control the barking and after 6 group obedience classes, our puppies had only learned how to ‘sit’ because when they were there, all they wanted to do was play with the other dogs.  After the first 20 minutes with Christina, my dogs had learned more than after all 6 group classes.  My dogs greatly enjoyed these sessions each week and Christina’s obvious passion and expertise made learning fun for everyone.  Now that they realize that I am in control and that barking is a futile attempt to get my attention, both Hannah and Sydney’s behavior have drastically improved, and I have found that they are much happier dogs altogether. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone. We can’t thank you enough!” ~ Allie, Sydney, and Hannah Butler, NYC

"Christina is a magician! We love you!“

Izzy & Jellybean / Mini Poodle & Toy Poodle
Obedience, Fear (Submissive Urination),
Blind, Rehabilitation

Izzy_Jellybean - Poodle, Fear (Submissiv

“Christina is a magician.  Kate and Ginger try really hard but aren’t able to always understand us.  Granted, we have some issues: Izzy is blind and barks to try to communicate and Jellybean has some submissive urination issues.  With kindness and patience Christinadetermines, develops and translates for us what we can really do (a lot!) and how to effectively communicate with us.  If you need your linguistically challenged humans to learn ‘The Ways of the Dog,’ training, leadership skills and make your life less stressful and better all around give Christina a call, you won’t be disappointed.  An extra benefit we got from the confidence we gained through Christina obedience program and our improved relationships is that Izzy no longer needs to bark constantly to try to get his point across and Jellybean’s urination problems have really decreased.  Christina we love you!“ ~ Izzy, Jellybean, Kate & Ginger, Brooklyn, NY

Godiva and Charlie - Whippet Mix_Cocker

"Double Miracle! It could not have happened without Christina. Christina holds herself to the highest of standards and is always professional. I highly recommend her!"

Godiva & Charlie / Whippet & Cocker Spaniel
Obedience, Anxiety, Aggression to Owner, Leash Aggression, Touch Aggression, Dog Aggression, Dog to Dog Acclimation, Rehabilitation

"Double Miracle! Last year I adopted a 3 year old whippet mix named Godiva, whom I nicknamed Diva. She was an anxious insecure dog who had been abused. She was very affectionate, but would growl if I petted her, and growled if I didn’t. She lunged at strangers and barked at passersby. She would bark, growl, and bare teeth at other dogs. I was stumped by her behavior. Christina taught me calming exercises and ways to pet her without triggering her. She became a more secure, calmer dog. I adopted a second dog, a Spaniel mix named Charlie. He was totally undisciplined, not housebroken, impulsive and very stubborn. But he was also cute, smart and eager to please, so I took a chance. There ensued an intense rivalry between Diva and Charlie. Diva would deposit her 50 lb. self on my lap and glare at Charlie. Charlie fired back by peeing on my leg. I was at the end of my rope! A friend suggested an exorcism. I had a better idea. I called Christina. Christina came promptly and determined that the root of the conflict was not so much Diva’s dog aggression, but Charlie’s lack of doggie manners and dominant personality. He would jump on Diva and take treats out of her mouth. Diva was attempting to teach him manners by growling, but he was not getting the message. Christina devised an intense training program to teach Charlie doggie manners and establish Diva as “lead dog.” I followed her instructions to the letter. Then came the day we put both dogs together. They sniffed each other, circling ,and proceeded to lie down together, completely relaxed! Now they are a pleasure to walk together. Diva taught Charlie how to lift a leg on walks. He is completely housebroken and follows her lead. Diva is calmer and more secure in her role as of “big sister.” Charlie has re-awakened Diva’s playful nature and has become less dominant. It could not have happened without Christina. Christina holds herself to the highest of standards and is always professional. I highly recommend her!" ~ Maria McLaren, Queens, N.Y.


Poe - Pit Bull
Obedience, Dominance Aggression


“MIRACLE WORKER! I adopted Poe, a 3½ year old neutered Pit Bull mix. I quickly discovered he was sweet as can be but was completely out of control. Jumping on kitchen counters, living room tables, my stove and any other furniture you can think of. He desperately needed training and he also showed signs of dominance aggression, where he would uncontrollably corner and mount nonstop anyone who came in my home as well as my couch cushions. I found Christina and within the end of the first of my 5 sessions with her there was already a HUGE difference with Poe. She really understands dogs and knows how to read them. Christina uses nothing but a calm demeanor and positive reinforcement and it truly works with the animal. I really thought nothing would work with Poe and I have had animals my entire life. I have had him almost a year now and he is such a good boy thanks to Christina and her miracle work!!‎”

~ Erika Waxman, NYC

Gina - Lab Chow Mix, Obedience.jpg

"Thanks Christina for the great investment!”

Gina - Lab Chow Mix
Obedience, Rehabilitation

“Christina is amazing. My black Labrador/Chow mix Gina was like the Tasmanian Devil before Christina began working with her.  I don’t know how she does it but she is able to connect with my dog on a level I’ve never seen before. In just a few sessions Gina was following commands and her behavior in general was really improved.  Christina is so great because she doesn’t just train the dog and have you sit there, she makes sure you are involved so when she leaves you know exactly what to do and what to practice on. She is on time and great with scheduling and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Christina for the great investment!” ~ Brad Mitchell, NYC

Rescued from garbage dump finds happy home!

Sophie - Beagle
Obedience, Rehabilitation

Sophie - Beagle, Obedience.jpg

The Artemis Project is a non-profit, grass-roots animal rescue organization operating on New York’s Upper West Side. Here are stories of some of the animals we’ve helped right here on the Upper West Side:  SOPHIE THE BEAGLE – “Sophie was found on a garbage dump in Virginia.  She was rescued and fostered for a few weeks and then brought into Animal General in Manhattan. That is where we met. She is the sweetest girl ever! All she wanted from the very beginning was to be loved and cuddled. I worked with a trainer and Sophie graduated in May from NY Clever K9. She was a puller on the leash and has improved tremendously. She responds to basic commands and she likes to sleep a lot!”

~ Irene Breslaw Grapel / Christina Shusterich Rescue Work Review

Comet and Freya - Keeshounds, Obedience.

"Christina is a dog whisperer!"

Comet & Freya - Keeshonds
Obedience, Rehabilitation

"We first met Christina in 2002 we needed a behaviorist who understood the make up of a Keeshond. Well what a find! Comet was SO in love with her and we were truly amazed and knew we found a gem! Comet loved Christina so much that if I wanted to get him to come inside all I’d have to do is pretend Christina was in the house and he’d come running. Prior to find Christina (a Loooong deliberate search) we had your “old World” type trainer come in, Comet was not happy, we fired him on his second lesson AND to prove the difference, he was in the neighborhood one day a few years later and it produced stress in Comet, his fear was unreal! NEVER that with Christina, she truly changed his life and ours. We had her back for our Freya in 2004 and will again soon for Baldur. She is a dog whisperer!" ~ Kathy Doubleu

"LOVE HER! Peanut now shows ZERO food aggression"
Peanut, Beagle 
 Obedience, Resource Guarding, Food Aggression  

Peanut - Beagle, Resource Guarding.jpg

"LOVE HER! We thought training would be easy but soon learned we had our hands full with Peanut. Our 4 month old puppy had tons of energy and showed signs of food aggression. We researched a dog trainer/behaviorist and came across Christina Shusterich. Everything we read was A+ so we called and set up an appointment. We were not disappointed. Peanut took to her immediately, and with her friendly demeanor, we did as well. Using her techniques, Peanut quickly learned commands and now shows ZERO food aggression. I recommend Christina’s training for anyone who needs to train their dog.”

~ Arleen, Norbert Velazquez, Queens, NY

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