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Owen Tales is a popular website as well as a Ebook series about Service dog Owen.

Christina Shusterich was Owen’s obedience trainer and is spoken about at length “Dog Expert Teacher” in the “All About Owen” section.

Christina Shusterich provides solutions on how to eliminate jealousy in dogs

Christina – Dog  Expert Teacher

Owen’s mom wanted to make sure she was doing a good job teaching him to be a good boy.  Owen was her first baby!  So, when Owen was 5 months old, Rebecca called Christina, a Dog Trainer and Behavior Counselor.  Christina’s school is called NY Clever K9.  Christina knows a lot about dogs!  Christina helps dogs who haven’t learned to behave nicely yet.  Christina helps lots of dogs. She helps puppies like Owen, who are silly.  Christina also helps dogs who have been hurt or abused.  Owen was not hurt or abused, but he was a silly baby dog.  And he was loosing his teeth, so Christina told Rebecca (Owen’s mom) how to help Owen while his baby teeth were falling out.

Owen didn’t bite.  But he was silly.         

Owen didn’t rip the couch, but sometimes he didn’t come when you called his name.  Owen didn’t chew shoes, but he did jump on people when they came in the door.

So, Rebecca asked Christina to come help them.  Christina came to visit 6 times.  She taught Owen and his mom a lot!  The first time Christina taught Rebecca to not say, “Owen, sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit”  It sounds silly but Rebecca would sign sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit over and over until Owen sat down.  Christina explained you only say it or sign it one time! Owen needs to sit the first time. Some of the stuff Owen and Rebecca learned were:

Walk nicely on the leash (and not pull when he got excited) Puppy push-ups Come Stay Sit ( Always – not just when he wanted) Lay Down – he knew, but he would only Lay Down when he wanted How to be nice when people came to visit and NOT jump!

Play Lots of Games

What are Owen’s Favorite Games?

Owen’s favorite is “Find It”   (when Rebecca hides a toy in another room and Owen has to go into the different room and find it) Owen also loves to Play Hide and Seek (Rebecca would hide and Owen comes to find her)"


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