There is help for you and your dog! For 17 years, I have devoted myself to preventing dogs from being given up and euthanized due to behavior problems that could have been successfully treated. With my proven Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System we can release you and your dog from the prison of a behavior problem no matter how many, severe, how long your dog has had it, how old your dog or how many methods you have tried previously that have failed you and your dog.

  • Serengeti Pit Mix Great NY Clever K9 review Leash Aggression "christina saved out dog's life"

    Serengeti-Pit Mix “Christina saved our dog’s life”

    Leash Aggression, Fear on Walks, Rehabilitation Christina Shusterich saved our dog’s life.  We rescued a 70 pound pit mix with massive behavior issues including biting, lunging randomly, pulling on walks and leash aggression.  The leash aggression was so bad that we could spend 10 minutes trying to wrest the leash from his mouth, and would
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  • Rosie Pit Bull NY Clever K9 Review "Amazing" Dog Aggression Review

    Rosie – Pit Bull “Amazing!”

    Leash Aggression, Dog Aggression, Rehabilitation AMAZING! Rosie, our rescue pit bull, is a changed dog thanks to Christina Shusterich. In August we adopted Rosie, who was estimated to be 2 1/2 years old. Soon we observed she was severely dog aggressive. Could dog aggression be treated, were pit bulls really dangerous and was she safe to keep, especially with our
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  • Judah - Lab Retriever NY Clever K9 Review "incredible!" Separation Anxiety

    Judah – Labrador Retriever “Incredible”

    Separation Anxiety “INCREDIBLE! I could not say enough good things about Christina Shusterich, the behaviorist who owns this business. Our 1 year old lab was suffering from severe separation anxiety and we had wasted time and money going from trainer to trainer with minimal results that didn’t last and included confining her to a crate. We kept listening because we
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  • Georgie - Maltese NY Clever K9 Rave Review

    Georgie – Maltese “Complete Change!”

    Resource Guarding, Rehabilitation “My wife and I adopted our beloved Maltese, Georgie, who soon began exhibiting some small signs of aggression. It escalated one morning to the point where Georgie growled at and SEVERELY BIT my wife in the hand. The bite was bad enough to warrant a hospital visit and some serious re-thinking about Georgie’s place in our household. Our options were limited: either
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  • Teddy Lab Mix NY Clever K9 positive review "able to keep our dog!"

    Teddy – Labrador Retriever Mix “Able to Keep Our Dog Teddy”

    Fear on Walks, Fear Aggression on Walks to People and Dogs “CHRISTINA SHUSTERICH CHANGED OUR WORLD. It is because of her that my husband and I were ABLE TO KEEP OUR BLACK LAB MIX TEDDY. Teddy was terrified to be on leash in the city and was nearly impossible to control – it took all of my strength to avoid
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  • Poe Rave review "miracle worker"

    Poe – Pit Bull “Miracle Worker”

    Dominance Aggression, Obedience “MIRACLE WORKER! I adopted Poe, a 3½ year old neutered Pit Bull mix. I quickly discovered he was sweet as can be but was completely out of control. Jumping on kitchen counters, living room tables, my stove and any other furniture you can think of. He desperately needed training and he also showed signs of dominance aggression,where he would
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  • Fergus Catahoula Mix NY Clever K9 Rave Review "highly recommend Christina Shusterich!"

    Fergus – Catahoula Mix “Highly Recommend Christina!”

    Leash Aggression, Dog Aggression, Stranger Aggression “We highly recommend Christina Shusterich!  From the very first meeting, she came into our home and pointed out things that were stressful to our beloved dog Fergus, and when we made those changes he became a completely different dog.  He loved to see Christina every time she visited and was very receptive
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