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There is HOPE for you and your dog! 
Christina's Trademarked
Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System

For 20 years, I have dedicated myself to preventing dogs from being given up due to behavior problems that could have been effectively treated, keeping dogs safe and happy together with their owners for life!

A recognized Dog Expert nationally and internationally and acclaimed dog trainer and dog behaviorist, I specialize in rehabilitating and effectively treating dogs with behavior problems caused by aggression, fear or both.


Obedience training fails behavior problems because the dog is too aggressive, fearful or both to be able to do them and correction based training worsens them.

Pitbull, NY Clever K9 Christina Expert Dog Behaviorist
Happy Boston Terrier NY Clever K9 dog behaviorist

A truly effective method was needed. I created my proven Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System to not just contain/try to control behavior problems but permanently eliminate them while also attaining the ultimate level of communication, love and harmony between you and your dog!

All dogs welcome! Together, we can release you and your dog from the prison of canine behavior problem(s) regardless of breed, age, if handicap/ disabled and treat multiple behavior problems simultaneously.


Together, we can help you and your dog achieve Total Harmony!



Christina is an recognized Dog Expert Nationally & Internationally, acclaimed Dog Behaviorist, Top Dog Trainer and vetted
Dog Media Expert possessing outstanding Credentials, a proven testament to her excellence and skill in dog behavior.

Dog Expert

  • Owner NY Clever K9 Inc. since 2002.

  • Dog Media Expert -
    TV, Radio, Podcasts, Author and her many Press/Quoted Expert advice on all aspects
    of dogs.

  • Shelter Dog Expert-dramatically increased adoptions and reduced the dog return rate from 1/2 of the dogs to an unheard 1 dog, a record low level for any rescue group.
  • Dog Behavior Expert for wikiHow with 150+ million monthly readers.


  • ​5 Time Winner, Best Dog Behaviorist, Behavior Specialist, and Dog Trainer. 

  • Beyond a Member:
    Named a Top Dog Trainer and an Author with the most tips published in  bestseller "Top Tips from Top Trainers: 1001 Practical Tips, Techniques for Successful Dog Care & Training”, the APDT the largest and most respected dog trainer association worldwide.

  •  Christina twice-cited “CCPDT in the News” by the Certification Council Of Professional Dog Trainers.


Christina has provided her expert advice to dog trainers:

  • Christina's article/case study on the treatment
    of Stranger Phobia

    in a Beagle published internationally by
    The Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors - ACABC.

  • The Dog Trainers Connection - Provided podcast giving dog trainers tips to diagnose Stranger Aggression in dogs.

Expert Dog Behaviorist

NY CLever K9 Christina Expert Dog Behaviorist Happy Dog

What makes us different makes all the difference! (TM)

Having a dog with a Behavior Problem(s) - Aggression, Fear, Both or in need of Rehabilitationcan be extremely stressful, and can also create serious real-life problems. In addition to watching the dog you love and care for suffering, you are suffering as well. For 20 years, I have immersed myself continually in education and experience obtaining unique skill with the most problematic, complex and challenging dogs that had been given up on.

I fully understand the urgency in providing successful treatment and permanent Behavior Problem elimination as quickly as possible and so we reach far beyond the norm:

Direct, hands on, in and out Home Treatment - 

at no additional charge.

Where your dog's behavior

problems are actually

created and happening, not within an artificial re-creation in a facility and never virtually, cannot train or treat a dog with behavior problems by describing to you - we agree with the American Kennel Club. Further, we take on the travel time, cost and effort to travel

to your specific location. 

My Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System

Changing dogs' emotions which are actually creating the behavior problem (fear, aggression or both) to positive, Christina's Calming Commands which physiologically calm and focus dogs so they can effectively perform them in any and all circumstances and eliminate behavior problems.

Every Treatment Program is specifically Tailored to Each Individual Dog, Owner and Real Life Environment, all of which vary widely.

Absolutely NO cookie cutter programs.

NO forced packages trapping clients in sessions they may not need.

Completely Comprehensive
Behavior Evaluation & Tailored
Treatment Program Session


Christina is a rare named APDT Top Trainer, the largest, most respected dog training association worldwide, voted Best Dog Training over 5 years and more (Awards). She

offers Obedience Training with proven science behavior modification, never

using physical coercion or punishers such as e-collars. With verbal

commands and hand signals, Christina creates clear, effective

communication, a harmonious relationship and a reliable

dog eager to be obedient.

*Not for treatment of aggression or fear issues, see Dog Behaviorist / contact me

Basic Obedience

Training Package

All Dogs, Puppies over 12 weeks,
Private in Home


  • 7 essential commands tailored
    to your dog.

  • Housetraining including Christina’s 10 page Guide.

  • Eliminating jumping, excessive mouthing and destructiveness.

  • Fun ways to easily and consistently exercise your
    dog in your home.

  • List of Best Toys

    and more!

Puppies Under

12 weeks Sessions


In person or Virtual
Your Choice


The correct time for Basic Obedience Training in

puppies is 12 weeks old.

However, this misses much in meeting the very important needs of puppies prior, 

including actual socialization time periods.

  • Perfect Puppy Session!

  • Help! Housetraining Session

Pit Bull, NY Clever K9 Dog Obedience Training

Christina's Virtual World Class
All Dog Essential Solutions
 Tailored to YOUR dog!

As a rare "go to" vetted Media Dog Expert, Christina has provided her dog solutions nationally and internationally across all media platforms, including being quoted over 70+ diverse Dog Topics.  Christina is an unparalleled proven authority for solving your dog's issues - custom tailored to you and your dog's unique needs! 

Popular Designed Sessions:

  • New Baby and Happy Dog Home.

  • Welcome Home! Shelter Dog Acclimation/Rehabilitation Session.

  • Senior Dogs Solutions and life enrichment.

  • Smooth, Easy Car Rides.

  • Creating Stress Free
    Acclimations from moves, addition or loss of fellow pet or family member.

Beagles, NY Clever K9 Worldclass Dog Solutions
  • Preventing Separation Anxiety & Treating Beginning Cases.

  • Creating Dog and Cat BFF's.

  • Soothing Grooming and Calming Handling to prevent fear and fear aggression.

  • Preventing jealousy and possessiveness of owner.

    And more!

Or Create Your Own Session!


Christina is a "go to"  Media Dog Expert across every media platform - TV, Radio, Broadcast, Podcasts, Author and her Press /Quotes advising on a wide variety of of over 70 Dog Topics including canine behavior problems, best dog training, optimal dog health, rehabilitation, acclimating dogs, perfect puppy, fun car rides, soothing grooming and many, many more!


Verified Rave Reviews

EVERY dog behavior problem successfully resolved.
Find YOUR dog's!

Blue- Siberian Husky
Fear on Walks, Separation Anxiety

"Christina literally saved our dog (and us!)"

Can see Christina’s multiple published articles and broadcast videos with tips about how to both prevent and treat separation anxiety in dogs in her Media Library

Blue Siberian Husky NY Clever K9 Great Review

"Since moving to NYC, our dog Blue became very frightened and skittish on walks but worse she soon became very anxious when left alone, something that had never happened before. She would completely panic, circling us when we tried to leave and barking non stop when we were gone. This became a huge problem as several neighbors complained and we got a warning from the Board and were new to the building. We tried a trainer who put a citronella collar on her which she just barked through and told us to crate her - she injured her mouth (a vet trip) trying to chew through the crate. As we couldn't move again we became desperate as to how to keep Blue, who we love dearly. A coworker recommended NY Clever K9 and Christina Shusterich, (the owner) who immediately started working on both problems, making changes almost as soon as she walked in - no crate! It seems miraculous but with sessions and our practice we can now leave Blue alone and she is so much calmer on walks - she even likes them now! Christina is not only intelligent but very compassionate, quickly acting as a mediator with our landlord to give us time to work with Blue, Christina loved Blue and was very kind and patient with us as we were extremely stressed. We really can't thank her enough!"


~ Alicia Sancerre

Percy - Batman/ Dachshund 
Aggression to handling

"Christina is a gifted behaviorist,
we are deeply grateful"

Percy - Dachshund  Aggression to handling NY Clever K9 rave review

"Christina is a gifted behaviorist. She is highly skilled at understanding and interpreting dog behavior and designing personalized and creative solutions for canine behavioral issues that often cause dog owners to give up on their animals. Christina worked patiently and persistently with me and my family to help us understand the source of our dog's biting (pain, leading him to respond in aggression) and to circumvent triggers that traditionally would cause the dog anxiety and frustration. We are deeply grateful for the compassionate care and wisdom she so generously shared with us and the lessons we learned. The only one more grateful is our Percy!"


~ Bonnie Pat McDougall Olson

Juniper - Pomeranian
Fear aggression to touch, leash aggression, anxiety/rehabilitation, fear of noises/
tight spots

"Spent a lot of time researching trainers
and schools,
highly recommend Christina!"


Juniper - Pomeranian Aggression & Fear Positive Review NY Clever K9

"I spent a lot of time researching dog trainers and training schools in New York before choosing Christina, and I know I made the right choice. My newly adopted rescue dog Juniper was having trouble adjusting to the city. He was extremely leash-aggressive--he barked and lunged at other dogs, garbage trucks, and any other loud sounds. Additionally, we had an issue with my neighbor across the hall, whose dog had attacked Juniper soon after we arrived. Just trying to get Juniper out the door for a walk was difficult, as the smell of the other dog made him snarl, bark, growl as we tried to walk past it. Worst of all, Juniper's anxiety, along with possible issues from his past, meant that he was often lashing out at me, snapping and growling if I approached him the wrong way.

Today we went for a 90 minute walk in Central Park. Since it was warm and sunny for February, the park was crowded with people, bikes and dogs. Juniper did not bark or lunge once the entire time, and even was able to interact a few times with other dogs. Narrow pathways where we couldn't avoid some dogs weren't a problem, because now, thanks to Christina, I have a plan to help deal with Juniper's anxiety around other dogs in tight spaces. He is no longer nervous about being touched, so we stopped to have some cuddle breaks. A woman passing by called Juniper a "good little dog."

Christina taught me how to understand Juniper's body language, how to deal with difficult situations around other dogs, and even how to make my apartment a place where he can feel safer and more secure. We worked out a method that allows us to walk quietly past my neighbor's apartment without setting off her dog. I really appreciate Christina's time and patience with both Juniper and me. It wasn't always easy, but I feel like we are on a path towards success, and that life will get better and better for Juniper.
I highly recommend working with Christina!" ~ Kirsten Anderson

Shelter Dog Expert

"It is rare that one person 
such an impact for good as
Christina Shusterich of
NY Clever K9."

NY Clever K9 Christina great Shelter Dogs Reviews

"Christina is both a behavior specialist and trainer and her insight into the dogs is exceeded only by her dedication to them. Christina has been working tirelessly with our dogs.


Before Christina joined our group, one third to one half of our dogs were returned due to behavior problems. Since Christina has been working with our group only one dog has been returned and has since been placed in a more appropriate home."


~ F. Szilagy, For Our Friends, Inc., Rescue 2004

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