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Best Dog Behaviorist Christina Shusterich NY Clever K9 and Rescued Pitbull Rosie

There is hope 
for you and
your dog! 

For 20 years, I have devoted myself and become a recognized expert in dog behavior and preventing dogs from being given up due to behavior problems that could have been effectively treated, keeping dogs safe and happy together with their owners for life!

Together with my innovative, proven Total Harmony Dog Transformation  System, we can release you and your dog from the prison of every type of behavior problem including the most severe, complex, multiple behavior problems, and regardless of breed, age or how many methods you tried previously, while also attaining the ultimate level of
communication, love and harmony between you and your dog! 


Verified, Authentic, Rave Reviews!

EVERY dog behavior problem successfully resolved, find your dog's!

NY Clever K9 Review Judah - Labrador, Separation Anxiety Resolved "Christina Shusterich is incredible"

Christina is beyond gifted, incredible!

I could not say enough great things about Christina, the behaviorist who owns this business - she is INCREDIBLE. Our 1 year old lab puppy was suffering from severe Separation Anxiety and after going from trainer to trainer with minimal results that didn't last and included confining her to a crate. We kept listening because we felt helpless, exhausted and had been told this was the "only way" to treat separation anxiety.

Not only did we love working with Christina, our dog loved her, and we all learned so much from the experience.
She is beyond gifted and truly loves her work which shows through and through in her dedication and commitment.

Separation anxiety is a very difficult thing to deal with in a dog and it can be expensive and exhausting and push you to the limit... but if you find someone as great as Christina and follow the plan - you will get your life back.  

I cannot say enough great things about Christina and her work - meeting her changed our lives and gave us back our freedom. We can actually leave our apt. now and not worry about our pup barking or panicking... we never thought we would get here.. but we did with the right help.~ Jenn SanClements, nyc

It is rare that one person makes such an impact for good as Christina Shusterich of NY Clever K9.

Christina is both a behavior specialist and trainer and her insight into the dogs is exceeded only by her dedication to them. Christina has been working tirelessly with our dogs. Before Christina joined our group, one third to one half of our dogs were returned due to behavior problems. Since Christina has been working with our group only one dog has been returned and has since been placed in a more appropriate home ~ F. Szilagy, For Our Friends, Inc., Rescue 2004

NY Clever K9 Review Boh - Coonhound, Stranger Aggression, Separation Anxiety Solved, "Cannot recommend Christina Shusterich highly enough!

We were at the end of our rope, cannot thank Christina enough

I cannot say enough about Christina's services. Her expertise and professionalism combined with her love of dogs has had a profound impact on the way we interact with our dog, a Black and Tan Coonhound named Boh.


With such a large dog, it was crucial that he be on his best behavior. Anxiety had started to form after several moves and other types of upheaval and Boh developed separation anxiety and stranger aggression.


After having tried other trainers and methods we were at the end of our rope but Christina stepped in and showed us what a charismatic and wonderful dog we had under our noses the entire time. Adopting her methods has improved our relationship with Boh and has allowed him to shine. I cannot thank Christina enough nor can I recommend her highly enough. You owe it to yourself and your dog to enroll with Christina ~ Jeremy Wicks, Brooklyn

 Fiona Pit Bull Aggression Solved Rave Review NY Clever K9 "Christina saved our dog's life"

No matter how desperate you feel don't give up! Christina saved our dog's life

Our rescue dog, Fiona, came to us terrified, distrusting, and extremely dog aggressive. On every outing, her head was on a swivel. The final straw – and when we thought we might have to give up Fiona – was when she bit a puppy in our building. After that, we called Christina, and it is the best decision we’d ever made.

Christina worked miracles. She helped Fiona go from a safety liability to a calmer, more confident dog who is able to walk without so much as a second glance at other pups (she doesn’t even care about other dogs in close proximity in the vet’s waiting room!).

We feel that that the work she’s done has saved Fiona’s life, we cannot thank her enough!! ~ Avery S & Andrew P, nyc

Korben - Ridgeback Mix Rave Review "Christina Performs Miracles!" NY Clever K9

Christina performs miracles!

I adopted a heavily abused puppy who had a number of issues to work through. I went to 4 different trainers who all used the standard alpha method and they all failed miserably. One even told me that my dog needs a muzzle and a shock collar.

I felt beaten down thought there was no hope and then someone recommended Christina and NY Clever K9. At first I was not a believer but over time she gave my dog and I the tools needed to be successful and my dog overcame all of his issues.


He is a changed dog and I would recommend her to anyone having any issues with their dog no matter how severe. Seriously, look no further! Christina performs miracles and I can not tell you how many compliments I get on how well behaved my dog is. THANK YOU! ~ Leigh Stadler, nyc

Christina Shusterich
National & International Media Library
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As a sought after Dog Expert Nationally and Internationally with her encyclopedic knowledge, innovative insights and 20 years experience, Christina is a "go to"  Expert appearing over 65 times across all media - TV, Radio, Podcasts, Author and her Press /Quotes advising on all Dog Topics including preventing and treating all dog behavior problems including separation anxiety, best dog training, optimal dog health, rehabilitating dogs including puppy mill dogs, acclimating dogs and babies, perfect puppy, creating fun car rides, soothing grooming and many, many more!

Go to Christina's wide range of Service Programs to get her help directly tailored to you and your dog on all these topics and much more! 
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