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Voted Best Dog Training & Behaviorist 5 years!

Christina Shusterich and NY Clever K9 voted by reviews Best Dog Training and Behavior Specialist in “Best of Queens” 5 years! Christina named “Dog Whisperer” 2006, “Trainer Extraordinaire” 2007, “Best Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist” 2008, NY Clever K9 named “Best Animal Training” 2009, Christina Shusterich named “Best Dog Trainer & Dog Behavior Specialist” in Best of Queens 2010

Best Dog Trainer, Dog Whisperer Christina Shusterich

Dog Whisperer Christina Shusterich

Dog trainer/behavior specialist Christina has an unbelievable connection with and affinity for dogs; I’ve never seen anything like it. She is truly a “dog whisperer.” My dog went from devil to angel practically overnight. I can’t emphasize enough how good Christina is. Merryl Kraselni Bayside

Trainer Extraordinaire Christina Shusterich

Christina is fabulous. I’m handicapped and needed someone to work with my reserved standard poodle and train her as a service dog. Christina worked wonders and turned Hanna into a fabulous mobility dog. Christina is not only my dog’s trainer, she’s also become a friend and even though Hanna’s intensive training has come to an end, Christina makes it a point to visit us once a month and take us out on field trips, going to local stores, restaurants or just to the park, making sure Hanna is up to par. She’s an excellent trainer and I can think of no other person or place that deserves the honor of being named the best in Queens. Judy Harfield, College Point

I would like to nominate Christina Shusterich of NY Clever K9 as the Best Trainer and Animal Specialist in Queens. I am president of a small Queens based canine rescue group, For Our Friends, and it has been our privilege to work with Christina for the past 3 years. She has made an enormous difference in our adoption policy. Because of Christina all our dogs are evaluated and trained prior to adoption. She has provided us with insight into our dogs that enables us to place them in the most appropriate homes. Her dedication and commitment is phenomenal. Because we are such a small group, we do not have a shelter. We board our dogs at a veterinary clinic where they do not have room to provide us with space to train our dogs. She evaluates and trains our dogs in the parking lot in all sorts of weather. Once this winter she was working with one of our dogs, her nose red and running, her fingers frozen, she turned to me after the session and said what good progress she made today. She was beaming because one of our dogs, that had a problem, was making a breakthrough. It is rare to witness such selflessness.

In addition, she has adopted a dog from us that was totally unadoptable. Sienna, a greyhound mix, was so abused that she had every behavioral problem imaginable. Christina worked with this dog extensively for over a year and decided she would probably never be adopted, so she adopted her. Today Sienna is well on her way to becoming the well adjusted dog she was meant to be

I hope you will consider Christina Shusterich for one of the best persons in Queens because she truly is. She is a person making a difference. Frederica Szilagyi, Oakland Gardens

Christina is the best dog trainer I’ve worked with.  She uses only positive reinforcement and helped me train my dog to snap out of her fear aggression, something that other behaviorists I’ve seen have not been able to do. Suzanne, Forest Hills

Christina Shusterich, dog trainer/ behavior specialist (917) 589-6296

“Christina Shusterich has an unbelievable ability to connect with dogs.” Paul McCubbin, Forest Hills

“She trained my French bulldog, Bruno, who was out of control. She trained both of us and now Bruno is much happier and so am I!” Angelica Vella, New York City

“What a find! Her calm, relaxed, yet confident demeanor was as welcome and reassuring as her comprehensive knowledge of dogs…Each visit from her was very special to us. Although our training period has recently ended, we will keep in touch and value her input as needed.” John and Susan Zipay, Fresh Meadows

"I contacted her because i was having some serious issues with my 18 month cocker spaniel. I called her for help and she helped tremendously. He was a very aggressive walker and just overall a nightmare to go on walks with. He would pull, bark at anything that moved and neighbors were actually scared of him. While he never bit anyone I was always afraid that one day he would. After Christina worked with him for about three months meeting once a week I can say there was a 95% improvement. Now i can go on walks with him without him trying to pull my arm off. it is such a pleasure to be outside with him now that we go walking around the neighborhood for hours. He is definitely a much happier dog now too because i am not constantly yelling at him. I want to say that without Christina I would probably have to had given him up because i just could not handle him anymore. She is really great with dogs and has a way of communicating with them that not many people can.” Martha & Sammy Martha Tobar, Astoria “I think Chris is terrific. She is kind, knowledgable and really on target with behavioral positive training. She has helped me immeasurably with my two rescues. I recommend her highly” Alice Hecht Soliman, Beechhurst

“Christina is the best dog trainer I have hired and there have been quite a few. She has a special gift with dogs and people. She has helped me out tremendously and improved my quality of life with my best friend and that is priceless. She makes house calls” Michelle Camilleri, Middle Village, NY

“I had tried two other dog trainers which had deeply disappointed me, They misrepresented their credentials and my poor dog ended up developing more problems. I was about to give up on all dog trainers…when I came upon NY Clever K9 website. I decided to give her a try. Well, just after a few sessions I started to see a huge improvement with my doggie. He is much more obedient and the aggression is no longer present. We are ever so grateful that Christina has come into our lives. We are now a happy family. Also, after adopting our new puppy we did not hesitate in contacting Christina to train him. Christina is very knowledgeable and professional. She provides you with handouts and loads of extra resources. I think she should be The Best of Queens 2010!” L. Bayter, Richmond Hill


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