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Christina Shusterich 
            National & International                           Acclaimed Dog Expert                                        

TV  Radio  Podcasts  Author Spokesperson  Consultant  Speaker 

As a sought after Dog Behavior Expert both Nationally and Internationally, with her keen, innovative insights, encyclopedic knowledge and 2 decades of experience, Christina is a "go to" Expert appearing over 65 times across all media platforms advising on all Puppy and Dog Topics - Behavior, Behavior Problems and Solutions, Emotions and Learning, Best Dog Training, Optimum Health Tips and so much more, view Media.  

Dog Expert Christina Shusterich on CI Network TV show "Bloodwork"

Why is Christina Shusterich

the Best Dog Expert for You?

Dog Expert Christina Shusterich, owner NY Clever K9 Inc, is consistently in demand nationally and internationally with her 20 year experience, exceptional Credentials, education, encyclopedic knowledge of dog behavior, excellence accolades, and rave reviews. Christina has contributed her expertise across all media platforms over 60 times as well as been hired as a Dog Fitness Spokeperson, Dog Psychology Consultant, Dog Legal Expert and Contest Judge.

With 2 decades of extensive study of all aspects of dog behavior and numerous certifications and accolades, I have also continually immersed myself in experiences with the most problematic, complex and challenging dogs. My mission has been in keeping dogs alive and happy by preventing and successfully treating all dog behavior problems, so as to not be relinquished to shelters and freeing those already there, becoming a leader in the field of treating dog behavior problems as well as a shelter dog expert.  I saw a better method of treatment was needed than simply training and created my Total Harmony Dog Transformation System to permanently eliminate behavior problems while also creating the most harmonious relationship possible dog and owner, ensuring a happy life together. Further and very critically my system works for all dogs regardless of age, breed, complexity of problem, multiple problems and in the most trying environments like the urban streets of nyc. 

Desperate pet owners turn to me frequently using descriptions like “Christina is a miracle worker,” “incredible,” “amazing,” "beyond gifted."
Most importantly, I’ve heard time and again from many relieved owners: “You saved our dog’s life.”

I receive calls for help from owners around the nation.

See Verified Reviews for the elimination of every type of behavior problem and excellent dog training across all issues, and my Rescue Reviews working with one rescue group over 4 years resulting in a dramatic increase in permanent adoptions and a record low dog return rate of 1 dog!  

Christina has received many professional, distinctive Accolades including:

  • Christina named a Top Dog Trainer and an Author with the most tips published by the APDT, in their essential best selling Dog Training book “The Association Of Pet Dog Trainers Top Tips from Top Trainers: 1001 Practical Tips and Techniques for Successful Dog Care and Training”, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers the largest and most respected dog trainer association worldwide

  • Beyond a member, Christina twice-cited “CCPDT in the News” by the Certification Council Of Professional Dog Trainers, the CPDT the highest-level nationwide dog trainer accreditation program

  • Christina's ebook "Hopeless Dog to Happy Dog - An introduction to the Total Harmony Dog Transformation" ranked 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon

  • Additionally, Christina has provided her advice to Dog Trainers with a Dog Trainers Connection podcast, and her publications with several Dog Behavior and Dog Trainer Associations including the International Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors

For more information regarding Christina's accolades, education and certifications see Credentials


"Christina is a consummate professional, a charismatic and eloquent speaker whether TV, radio, podcasts, seminars and an exceptional, engaging writer." ~ M. Carr


Christina has contributed her expertise nationally and internationally to every existing media platform over 65 times - TV, radio, podcasts, as a published writer and author of articles and books, and her press/quoted advice in major printed and online magazines, newspapers and dog information websites.

Christina is a "1 Stop Resource" and is often used repeatedly by media outfits due to her unique, vast range of her knowledge of dogs, her ease to work with and rapid turn around time. She has provided her expertise on a very wide array of dog topics including but not limited to:

  • Solving and preventing dog behavior problems - aggression, fear/anxiety, separation anxiety, submissive vs. excitement urination, puppy mill dog care, possessive aggression, phobias in dogs (extreme fear resulting in panic behaviors), depression in dogs, rehabilitating dogs.

  • Best dog training methods, tips, tricks and obedience solutions. 

  • Turning unpleasant situations into bonding experiences - grooming, putting on coats, proper dog handling techniques.

  • How do dogs learn? Why dogs get the "zoomies"?

  • Emotions in dogs - Do they exist? Which ones?

  • Perfect puppy development and critical periods including actual socialization periods.

  • Babies and dogs - Creating BFFs (best friends forever!).

  • Dog Health - dog fitness, getting your dog fit, fun exercises for dogs physically and mentally, winter exercise, hot weather safety tips, best dog chews, nail chewing.

  • Police dogs, how search and rescue dogs are trained and work, how they are trained differently to search different targets - alive vs deceased people, drugs/bombs etc.

  • Seoul South Korean radio broadcast during 2018 Olympics to provide easy dog training tips and walking handling to keep dogs in their homes and further encourage ownership of dogs- which does exist - against dogs being used as a food

    And much more! View Christina's full Media Library.

Legal Dog Expert Consultant

Legal Aid Society - Evaluated videos, photos and documents in an expert capacity to assist with

a dog bite case.

“Thank you for your invaluable insight” ~ Crystal Parharm

Dog Health & Psychology Consultant

Furnished insights to the Lowe Campbell Ewald team on matters involving dog psychology and

health issues.


“Thank you for providing your expertise in the field of Dog Behavior, the insights we gained helped us better understand dog behavior and their needs” ~ Erika Saad

Dog Behavior Expert - Notable co-author, Expert Videos  wikiHow

Collaborate with and provide expert information and dog advice and solutions to wikiHow’s 150+ million monthly readers via articles and videos 

"It is such a pleasure to work with you"
~ Natalie Harrington


Spokeperson for NYC Pet Fitness and Nutrition Campaign of April 2009.
This assignment included providing Fitness Tips as well as a Live Radio Interview on the “Frank Truatt Morning Show”


“We sincerely thank you for your help and partnership, and have enjoyed working with you. Your radio interview with Frank Truatt was fantastic and your tips helped make the Kijiji pet fitness campaign
a great success!” ~ Jennifer Baragary

Mutt Judge 

Christina was a Judge at the Kaufman Astoria Arts District "Queens Mutt Show"  9/21/19 crowing the Best Mutt in Queens, all proceeds went to Animal Care & Control for shelter dogs.

"Such a pleasure to have you as a judge for our Mutt show!  It was a wonderful day. I am so glad you could participate, and thank you so much for your help" ~ Jamie Hook 

For Dog Expert Inquiries, Contact Me Directly

For Media services across all platforms - TV, Podcasts, Writer and Radio, including as an exclusive "In home" Expert, as well as for Consultant, Speaker, Spokesperson and Judge engagements email me, Christina Shusterich: . You may also reach me via: and 917-589-6296

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Dog Expert Christina Shusterich and Bubba, Pitbull Mix
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