Teddy, Labrador Retriever Mix – “Able to Keep Our Dog Teddy!”

Fear on Walks, Fear Aggression on Walks to People and Dogs

“Christina Shusterich changed our world.  It is because of her that my husband and I were able to keep our black lab mix teddy. Teddy was terrified to be on leash in the city and was nearly impossible to control – it took all of my strength to avoid being dragged down the streets of Brooklyn. Even worse, although incredibly loving and friendly anywhere else, he showed signs of aggression toward other dogs and sometimes people when leashed. We went through two trainers before meeting Christina, and had nearly given up hope. But Christina changed everythingShe taught him to walk next to us on the leash (something I never thought was possibleand worked with us to change his emotions while on leash. Now, he rarely ever barks at other dogs and never at people. She even helped teach Teddy’s older brother useful commands while teaching Teddy. She is a true expert in her field: smart, kind, encouraging and utterly professional. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone who has a dog with behavior issues, big or small. She gave me faith that any behavior issue can be corrected with the right training and some patience and time. Now that Teddy has “graduated”, we already miss her!”

– Julie Lauch,

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