Serengeti, Pit Bull Mix – “Christina saved our dog’s life” (Can see before & after video in Media Library)

Leash Reactivity – Leash Aggression, Fear on Walks, Rehabilitation

Christina Shusterich saved our dog’s life.  We rescued a 70 pound pit mix with massive behavior issues including biting, lunging randomly, pulling on walks and leash aggression.  The leash aggression was so bad that we could spend 10 minutes trying to wrest the leash from his mouth, and would frequently get bitten in the process.  Expecting a baby in months, we gave him only a few months to shape up or ship out.  Christina was not our first trainer / behaviorist.  We started with Petco (nice people but not prepared for our dog), then a team who put him on the eCollar, and another behaviorist from Upstate.  All had helped a little but he was still unpredictable and unmanageable.  I can’t say that the results when we met Christina were instant (although she could instantly handle him!)  But when he and I put into practice the completely manageable lessons that Christina taught us he has transformed from a dog who pulls and bites to a dog capable of walking with me, paying attention and not flipping out on every walk.  Her calming techniques and insights into our dog’s actions were remarkable and effective.  Now, one year and lots of practice later, we completely trust our dog around our newborn.  If your dog seems hopeless, there is no Cesar Milan out there – that’s TV magic.  Christina is clearly the path to success and is worth her (somewhat expensive) fee. ~Richard Altman

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