Rosie, Pit Bull – “Amazing!”

Leash Aggression, Dog Aggression, Rehabilitation

AMAZING! Rosie, our rescue pit bull, is a changed dog thanks to Christina Shusterich. In August we adopted Rosie, who was estimated to be 2 1/2 years old. Soon we observed she was severely dog aggressive. Could dog aggression be treated, were pit bulls really dangerous and was she safe to keep, especially with our 17 month old son? We scoured the NYC area for a reputable and very experienced dog behaviorist until we came across Christina..and thank goodness we did! Rosie went from a dog that lurched, lunged and barked at every passing dog (to the extent that we had to walk around cars to avoid dogs on sidewalks)to dog that could pass a pack of dogs barely noticing. Christina is an incredible behaviorist and completely rehabilitated her by teaching us, Rosie’s owners, how to use positive, reward based training (in carefully planned out stages) to change Rosie’s psychology of other dogs. It was amazing and not something my husband or I thought possible. We also can’t thank Christina enough for educating us on how misunderstood pit bulls are and showing us how wonderful they can be. Rosie is an amazing, affectionate, beautiful dog.”

– Vail Weymann, NYC

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