Judah, Labrador Retriever – “Incredible!” (Can see Christina’s article “8 Ways to Soothe Separation anxiety” in the Media Library)

Separation Anxiety

“Incredible! I could not say enough good things about Christina Shusterich, the behaviorist who owns this business. Our 1 year old lab was suffering from severe separation anxiety and we had wasted time and money going from trainer to trainer with minimal results that didn’t last and included confining her to a crate. We kept listening because we felt helpless, exhausted and had been told this was the “only way” to treat separation anxietyThankfully, due to a wonderful vet tech we knew, we were informed of the difference between a trainer and behaviorist and that we needed to speak to a dog behavior expert, someone truly qualified, educated and specialized to work with behavior problems in dogs. Not only did we love working with Christina, our dog loved her and we all learned so much from the experience, She is beyond gifted and truly loves her work which shows through in her dedication and commitment. Separation anxiety is a very difficult thing to deal with in a dog and it can be exhausting and push you to the limit…but if you find someone as great as Christina and follow the plan – you will get your life back. I really cannot say enough great things about Christina and her work – meeting her changed our lives and gave us back our freedom. We can actually leave our apt now and not worry about our pup barking or panicking …we never thought we would get here…but we did with the right help.”

– Jenn SanClements,

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