“No matter how desperate you feel, don’t give up! Christina worked miracles”

Leash Aggression.

No matter how bad you think your dog is, or how desperate you feel, don’t give up – call Christina!! My husband and I thought we were on a runaway train, but Christina showed us that wasn’t true. She taught us that anything can be solved with patience, positive reinforcement and awareness. We could not be more grateful for her (our dog agrees!!).

Our rescue dog, Fiona, came to us terrified, distrusting, and extremely canine/animal aggressive. On every outing, her head was on a swivel. The final straw – and when we thought we might have to give up Fiona – was when she bit a puppy in our building. After that, we called Christina, and it is the best decision we’d ever made.

Christina worked miracles. She helped Fiona go from a safety liability to a calmer, more confident dog who is able to walk without so much as a second glance at other pups (she doesn’t even care about other dogs in close proximity in the vet’s waiting room!). We feel that that the work she’s done has saved Fiona’s life.

Throughout the process, Christina has helped my husband and I as much as she did Fiona. She is a phenomenal and patient teacher, and has instilled in us the confidence and skill set to continue Fiona’s rehabilitation on our own (we are reassured to know that she’s merely a text or call away if we need her, of course).

We cannot thank her enough!! ~ Avery Schlicher, NYC




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