Audrey, Pit Bull – “Christina’s brilliant insights and upbeat attitude, can’t recommend enough”

Rehabilitation, Leash Aggression, Anxiety

Not a day goes by when my husband, pup and I don’t appreciate all the incredible things learned from Christina. We adopted an incredibly sweet, yet reactive and abused dog about a year ago from the Animal Care and Control Center in nyc.  She is incredibly strong, and we felt like we were walking out in public with an animal we weren’t sure we could safely control, yet we cared so much for her and were committed to her. Christina to the rescue. Her intelligence, sense of humor, up-beat attitude and brilliant insights helped us understand our dog and provide her with what she needs to be happy and healthy, and safe. Christina also clearly cares about our dog. We feel like we had a big therapy session as a family that lasts after each visit. And we are doing so well with our dog now, and always getting better. What a gift to those of us in this challenging situation. We are looking forward to our next bunch of sessions and I can’t recommend her enough. ~ Laura Bontrager

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