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2 Dog Behavior Training Tips of the Month…

Video Tip – Hot Weather Dog Safety Tips by Dog Expert Christina Shusterich on Good Day Street Talk


Tip #2 –  Fourth of July – Fourth of July can be very frightening for dogs. To prevent fear is best to keep dogs in a secure, sheltered environment such as a basement or bathroom, blocking out the noises and sights as much as possible. Insulate the environment by closing all windows, drawing the curtains and drapes and further muffling noises with a loud fan (best choice as is loudest if get metal fan)  CD/radio/TV and/or air conditioner. There is evidence that classical music has a calming effect so that could be a good audio choice. Provide plenty of toys especially interactive puzzle toys and be sure to include those that exercise your dog physically as well as mentally such as the Dog Pyramid toy,  add in a stuffed Kong or stuffed bone as licking physically calms dogs so gives your dog a relaxing job to work on. Put your dog in the comfortable, sheltered environment before they become apprehensive or frightened, i.e. before the fireworks have started. Of course, it is optimal if you can stay with and keep them occupied through active play to further physically calm them as well as provide enjoyment such as jumping through a hula hoop (can see how to do at my video http://www.nycleverk9.com/dog-training-videos-hula-hooping/) or playing with a flirt pole. If you cannot be with your dog, be sure to aerobically exercise with the hoop or flirt pole for 15 minutes prior to your departure so they will be physically calmer and tired. Also, be aware that panicked dogs can bolt and become lost so be sure to lock all doors and be aware when opening and closing doors or transporting your dog in any way.

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