Amazing “See Me” Instant Calming Command Dog Training Video Christina Shusterich

Christina Shusterich NY Clever K9 “See Me” command instantly calms aggressive and/or fearful dogs! See Training Video

The “See Me” Calming Command(SM) physically calms dogs (notice how every dog closes his mouth and holds his breath) and focuses them entirely on the handler in any situation, it is NOT the obedience watch me command. It is a Calming Command (SM) that I developed and use in treating fearful, aggressive and fear aggressive dogs to instantly calm them and focus them entirely on me regardless of how chaotic the situation is that triggers an emotion in the dog and without the command would result in aggressive or fearful behavior. Though one verbal command (See Me) and one hand signal (index finger next to eye) is used it is actually a behavior chain and consists of four commands chained together – the dog sits, stays, looks directly into my eyes and holds his/her breath, physically calming the dog. While executing, it is important that you smile at your dog. It is part of the Calming Command(SM) series of commands used in my Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System for effectively treating and eliminating all behavior problems in dogs.

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