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What makes a Dog Behavior Expert?

Understanding the difference between treating behavior problems and problem behaviors in dogs is the key.
Counter surfing or excitedly jumping on guests are good examples of problem behaviors.  Behavior problems are far more serious and are produced by a negative emotion in the dog – aggression, fear, shades of each or combinations of both. Examples of behavior problems are aggression to guests, aggression on walks, separation anxiety and fear of stimuli such as loud noises or sudden sights and sounds.

As they are created by negative emotions, to successfully eliminate behavior problems one must change the emotion producing the behavior and not only “train” the behavior itself. As a dog behavior expert I have developed my Total Harmony Dog TransformationSM System which changes the negative emotion to positive, ensuring elimination of the behavior problem along with my Calming Commands, specific commands to calm and focus dogs in situations producing agitation, anxiety, fear and aggression and Dog Speak, communicating effectively with dogs by using body language. See my Methods page as well as videos of my work in action.

Credentials that Matter


My B.A. in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, was earned with a focus on behavior modification including classical conditioning, operant conditioning and counter-conditioning techniques, essential to effectively treating behavior problems in dogs and modifying/training behaviors in both humans and animals.

I received my certification in Canine Behavior Modification and Dog Training from The Animal Behavior Center of New York in 2002. This particular academy was both unique and exceptional.  The program consisted of the very intense study of behavior modification in treating behavior problems in dogs and dog psychology as well as dog training. Further, the program consisted of over 230 hours working directly with shelter dogs (the Center was part of and located in a shelter).

Certified as a Canine Behavior Counselor (CBC) through The Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors. My article on the treatment of stranger phobia in a Beagle published in ACABC newsletter August 2004

I was certified as Certified Professional Dog Trainer CPDT-KA Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers – CCPDT. This certification requires passing a more rigorous test than those given by the vast majority of current dog trainer schools. Featured as  CPDT Certificant in the News 2x

I am an American Kennel Club Registered Evaluator and administrator of their Canine Good Citizen Test since 2004 through the present.


Professional member The Association of Pet Dog Trainers – APDT – The Association of Pet Dog Trainers is the largest and most respected dog trainer association worldwide.  Named a Top Trainer and 23 of my Tips published by the APDT

Professional Member Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors 


Over 13 years as owner of NY Clever K9 with proven success effectively treating all dog behavior problems and training dogs, treating multiple behavior problems simultaneously, resolving the most serious behavior problems in the most complex and difficult settings and working effectively with all dog breeds and ages, including senior dogs. See extensive positive reviews for dog training and treatment of every dog behavior problem Client Reviews!

Over 5 years additional experience as a behaviorist working with shelter dogs, working with one rescue group for over 4 years where I conducted countless behavioral evaluations as well as provided training and treatment of behavior problems in dogs prior to and after adoption, thereby increasing each dog’s adoptability and helping to secure their permanent residence in their new homes. See extensive positive  Rescue Reviews!


Recognized Dog Behavior Expert nationally and internationally with extensive media regarding Dog Behavior, Dog Training  and Solving Dog Behavior Problems: Media, TV/RadioPublications, Press/Quoted
including Christina’s book “Hopeless Dog To Happy Dog! An introduction to the Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System” available at Amazon

Additional Accolades:

Named Best Behavior Specialist and Dog Training in “Best of Queens” Tribune 5 years!  This was based on votes and reviews sent to and published in the Tribune

Named a Top Trainer and 23 of my Tips published by the APDT, the largest and most respected dog trainer association worldwide, in their 2010 book “The Association Of Pet Dog Trainers Top Tips from Top Trainers: 1001 Practical Tips and Techniques for Successful Dog Care and Training”

CCPDT Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers –  Twice featured as their “Certificant in the News! once in October 2012  and again in the January/February 2013 Newsletter

A most important credential: Possessing a natural ability and insight into dogs in addition to having devoted myself to the study and experiences most effective in understanding, training and successfully resolving all behavior problems in dogs. I apply all I’ve learned and experienced in diagnosing and effectively treating your dog’s behavior problems and include you in every step of the process so the skills are well mastered on both sides of the leash.

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