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Dog Training Videos NY Clever K9 Christina Shusterich at Work

Hula Hoop Dog Training Video

Hula Hooping with your Dog Training Video

Have fun, thoroughly exercise and calm your dog hula hooping! A critical part of my Total Harmony Dog Transformation® System effectively treating all behavior problems in dogs is keeping them as calm as possible, boosting confidence (frightened and aggressive dogs are not confident dogs) and giving them a routine & job to perform successfully on
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NY Clever K9 Dog Training Videos

Amazing “See Me” Instant Calming Command Dog Training Video Christina Shusterich

Christina Shusterich NY Clever K9 “See Me” command instantly calms aggressive and/or fearful dogs! See Training Video The “See Me” Calming Command(SM) physically calms dogs (notice how every dog closes his mouth and holds his breath) and focuses them entirely on the handler in any situation, it is NOT the obedience watch me command. It
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Aggressive Dog Before and After

Incredible Before & After Video Extreme Leash Aggressive Dog! Christina Shusterich NY Clever K9 Total Harmony Dog Transformation®

There is help for you and your dog! Helene, a Berger Picard, was a severely leash aggressive dog to all vehicles – cars, trucks, buses, small golf like carts used on the grounds of her condo, bicycles; all wheeled carriers like shopping carts, suitcases; all people, children and dogs; and was also very fearful and
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NY Clever K9 Christina Shusterich Calming Commands Video-Walking Watch Me, Leash Aggression

The Walking Watch Me Calming Command consists of the dog focusing on Christina and her hand signal at her waist and ignoring everything else including all leash aggression or fear triggers. Simultaneously Christina praises the dog to flip his emotions to positive in the presence of triggers. Here, Griffen was leash aggressive to people, dogs,
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Leash Aggression NYC Streets Eliminated! NY Clever K9

Serengeti, a 70lb 2 year old Lab/Pitbull was extremely fearful on walks to sights and sounds and fear aggressive to joggers, skateboarders, running children, unusual looking people, delivery men and kids bouncing balls. He would redirect his aggression into attacking his leash with snarling, growling and often biting the owner’s hands. Here Serengeti is being treated with
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